It feel like it’s been days sine I last signed on here. I don’t know why. It just feels like forever.

Today was actually rather productive, compared to the usual productivity levels at my house anyway. I’ve been wanting to clean my room for most of the week now, and today I finally got the motivation to do it. I have trouble cleaning my room without rearranging everything though. And when my mom found out I would be cleaning, I was automatically expected to clean the rest of the house. But anyway, first I vacuumed the living room and dinning room, then my stairs, then I picked up my floor as much as possible and vacuumed that. Then I moved my couch so that it’s under the bay window, and put my bed where my couch was (directly across from the fireplace). So basically all I did was switch my bed and my couch. I did to a little bit of tidying up so that there’s a miniscule amount more of floor space. I kind of like having my bed in the middle of the room though. It makes my room feel like it’s actually a bedroom, and not just a room that has a bed in it.

I also watered a few of my plants, using water from the goldfish’s tank. With half a gallon less water in the tank, the water filter sounds like a waterfall. You can hear it downstairs in the kitchen. It’s rather obnoxious. I think if it was a little calmer it would be really pleasant, but at the moment it’s on the verge of being too much.

I started knitting a pair of gloves today. I’d completely forgotten that my science teacher from freshman year (who I really didn’t get along with at all) wanted a pair of blue fingerless mittens from me. I’m a few rows away from starting the thumb of the first glove at the moment.

Earlier today, after I’d moved things around, there was a moment where the sky seemed full of energy. I don’t know if any one else can see these things, but usually when I look at the sky, or anywhere bright really, I can see these little… I don’t even know what to call them. They’re these little rainbow vortex spinning things that can’t be seen directly. They do a spin and then they disappear, only to be replaced my another. They aren’t all that noticeable, but today I was lying on my bed looking outside and they seemed really obvious to me for some reason. I could see them if I let my eyes slip out of focus, and then focused on the… nothingness? I have no idea what to call it. It’s not the air, or an object, it was just a space. Anyway, I was looking at this undefined space, with the whirling rainbows, and I just lay there for a while, wondering what they meant.

A few hours later we had a rather blustery bit of weather that slammed sheets of rain into the house and made the lights flicker. Connection between the two events? Possible, but I’m not certain.

I still haven’t found any time to mediate, which is annoying. I’m too tired to sit down and listen to the tape at bed time, usually because I don’t go to bed until after I’ve written a post, which is usually after 11. Which means I’m not actually in bed until after 12, and the meditation I want to do/listen to, is an hour long. Staying up until 1 am on a week night to meditate is something I’m not prepared to do just yet. Midnight is probably a good time to mediate though. *sigh* I need- *yawn* more motivation. I also need to sleep.