Here. I’ve done my job and started writing a post for today. Can I go now? I’m ridiculously tired. Turns out, 11 hours of sleep doesn’t carry over into a second day with only 5 hours of sleep in the middle.

Things that just happened:

I burned my hand pouring myself a cup of tea. It feels better and better as the time wears on.

My mother is talking to my sister about what “dick voice” is. Basically, the voice of a person who’s a dick/jerk who is trying to get you down and why you shouldn’t listen to them. My mom is bizarre.

Another thing: I’m TIRED. I hate being this tired.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I really think I’ve developed a tick. I can’t sit for more than a few seconds without my head moving. Most of the time it’s of it’s own accord, with another movement accompanied with it to make it look like less of a spazim. It’s getting worse though. And it’s very annoying. The harder I try to NOT to do it, the more often it happens. It’s driving me insane.

My tea is taking forever to cool. I really want a proper tea kit. A cute little tea pot/ kettle, and a tealeaf strainer thing. The tea place I got my tea from had this neat little plastic contraption, where you put all the tea leaves in the top, filled it with water, let it steep for 30 seconds, and then press a little button so all the tea water drops into the pot below. Makes perfect tea in under a minute.

*yawn* ok, this little bit has taken me over 40 minutes to write, mostly due to the chaos that is my house, which makes blogging before 11:30 almost impossible. Grr.

My fingers really are starting to hurt now.

Oh and also! My bus number today was 3333. Oh! And there was a shooting right outside my aunts work place. My mom was just about to leave to go there when she got an email telling her what had happened. There was a break in at one of the stores near my aunts work, one of the robbers shot a policeman (he was fine and stayed onsite after they caught one of the guys to try and help them catch the others) and (I think) one of the robbers was shot also. Pretty exciting, eh?