I had to flush Roy today. He had (what appeared to be) mold growing on his fins. One of which had started to curl up because he’d been laying on it for so long. He had little puffs of white all over him (where I thought his scales had fallen off) and he could barely swim for more than a few seconds, just long enough to swim to the surface to get some air, before falling like a stone back to the floor of the tank. His water was really murky, and there was some food I’d missed that was moldy. So, without even thinking, I filled the first container I’d put him in with water from the tap and put him inside, because he needed a clean environment if he was going to be healthy. My mom saw this and told me that the shock of the cold had probably killed him (and it was true that he was lying [apparently] lifeless on the bottom of the container) and that I should just flush him now. So I went and flushed him.

About 10 minutes later, after having texted R about it, I found out that there was a slight chance that he might not’ve been dead. I felt really bad about it. Not only had I totally managed to get him covered in various fungi and gotten him ICK (that’s a disease) I had managed to unsuccessfully accidently kill him with cold water, and then successfully killed him by flushing him into the sewer. Poor poor Roy. He will be missed. He was the prettiest and most personable beta I’ve ever seen.

School was long and boring today. Photosynthesis is confusing. I can’t deal with the combination of letters and numbers- i.e. chemistry is too confusing for me. Stick a plant in the ground, and if it grows hurrah. If it doesn’t then try a seed. It’s that simple.