Today was nice. R came and got me around 12:45 and then we went to the U district to look around. I don’t even know what we did there that took so long. She took me to the library though, which is literally the Great Hall from Harry Potter. It was the size of a cathedral with the same type of roof as in the movies, except it wasn’t magically matching the sky outside. We were supposed to eat there for super cheap, but nothing looked too good, and I was craving some hum bow, so we went over to Pike place market just after 4 ish. We got some hum bow (YUM) and then walked around. We got some crab puff things also, which were the best I’ve ever had, and then meandered around some more. I got to see the Gum Wall, which was about as exciting as it sounds. Just a long strip of wall covered in thousands of pieces of gum. There was a group of foreign people there taking pictures of it. It’s not surprising that I’ve never been to it. It’s down this weird alleyway I didn’t even know excited that goes below the main area. I was kind of tempted to see where it led to. Instead we went back up to the shops and looked at some custom hats. The guy who made them gave us some free pins because we liked his stuff so much. The hats were on sale for $35, but I only had $25 and I don’t really wear hats. And as good as his artwork was, it really just wasn’t my style. R was pretty close to buying one though.

By then it was getting dark, but there was a tea place on the walk back to the car that we had to go into to taste tea. The prices there ranged from $35 per pound of tea, to over $200. It was insane. They do free tea tasting everyday though, so we got to taste some stuff. There was a guy there who got about $30 worth of tea. He knew his stuff though. There was this one tea I was eying, called the White Phoenix, which he bought virtually right after I mentioned it. We asked him if it was good or not, and he said he did; it was sweet but not as sweet as a black tea because it’s a green tea. I’m not educated enough in the tea business to really know the complexities of what else he said. But I had one of those moment, which I’ve been having more often (or rather, am noticing more often), where I seem to know a certain thing in my life before it happens. I knew R and I would be friends. I knew Roy was the fish I was supposed to bring home with me. I knew I would be getting the White Phoenix tea.

I had a thought to myself before I tasted it, because I’m not really a tea fan. I thought, I’ve never really loved tea. But I’d love to have a tea that changed my life, because it was so complex yet simple that it was delicious. It was more of a sight thing, with a lot of wordless thoughts then something that’s easily written or followed. But I had this moment of blankness, which seemed to tell me I would be liking the tea I was about to be served. And I loved it. It’s really nothing special, but I love it. I can’t even explain it. I didn’t want to buy any, because I wouldn’t know how much to get or how to prepare it properly or what. But R, in her silly ways, bought me $10 worth. I don’t know what that is in ounces, but it’s more than enough for a good few cups of tea.

She took me home after that, and then we all (she, my mom and sister, J and I) went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant in South Center. It was nice. My mom and sister actually managed to surprise me with a gift. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything at all. They got me a new wireless mouse (which I don’t think I’ll be using because I couldn’t open it up) about a pound of various chocolates, and Super Smash Brothers for Wii. Meaning, my sister stole it from my dads. My sister was a poop though and took the game out. Now that I think about it I was really not thinking at all tonight. She asked me if it was in there, which it wasn’t, which made everyone laugh, and then she asked if I knew where it was, and I said I knew it was in one of the games at dads, totally serious, and then she said it was at home. I just laughed not even fully taking in that she had planed and successfully managed to dupe me.

We all came back home, and then R and I had a dance battle I won and managed to beat my sister’s high score on the Rasputin song that I like. Then we watched an episode of The Office and R went home. I made myself some tea with the awesome smelling delicious White Phoenix that she got me, and sat down with my mom and sister to watch more of the office. The tea was really good and calmed me down a lot. I felt very peaceful. Even though green tea’s are supposed to have caffeine in them. I think I might make some tea when I get home tomorrow and meditate. I’ve been meaning to (and saying I would) do it for a long time now, but I think I really will tomorrow. I’ve got a huge project I need to be working on, but I think meditating is a little more important.

All in all today was pretty good.