The difference between my father and I? He speeds up and swerves to hit a rabbit crossing the street. I slam on my breaks and swerve to avoid hitting a rabbit crossing the street.

We went out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, down by Fort Lewis and that area. It’s a little bit of a drive but it’s worth it. They have the best salads ever. Everyone came for dinner, including my older cousins girlfriend. They’ve been dating for five years now, so I guess it’s ok for her to be brought around. People in our family are only allowed to bring their significant others to large family gatherings unless they’re about to propose. I’ve never really talked to her but she seems nice enough. They’re high school sweethearts though, so that’s sweet. There were a few people who couldn’t make it, including my two oldest cousins and the oldest one’s husband. They all had to work. My grandparents sat in their usual place across from each other at the head of the table, with my oldest uncles next to them and his wife across from him. Then my oldest aunt next to my uncle, my dad across from her, then me because it was my birthday party, and then my youngest aunt across from me. After that the younger people can sit wherever they want. My cousin, who’s 6 months older than me, sat next to me, with my sister on her other side, then one of my older cousins, who never really talks to anyone, then my cousin and his girlfriend. It was an oddly quiet gathering. Everyone was still talking and laughing and what not, it just wasn’t as energetic as it’s been in the past.

On the way home, not even a block away from out driveway, a rabbit ran out in front of the car. My dad saw it and sped up and swerved into the other lane in an attempt to run it over. Thankfully it was far enough away that it crossed the street safely. It was just like, really? I’m related to this?

We watched Despicable Me while we waited for our mom to come and get us. Oh! And my dad has a bunch of glass Coca-Cola bottles from Costco, so I had one and then saved the bottle and the cap and brought it home with me. I love glass things. And a bottle cap necklace sounds fun. My sister immediately called me a hoarder. Oh well. I also brought left over pizza and half a cheesecake home with me.

I missed the dogs.

Also, I saw 333 and 999 today.