School couldn’t end fast enough today. I was late to high school, even though I left 20 minutes early. There was no where to park in the visitor section, but eventually I was like screw it and went to the student section even though I don’t have a parking pass there. I’m pretty sure I might’ve gotten a few points on the test today. Which would be my first test points in several months. I felt like waiting in the caf before my college class took forever. It was like limbo in there. Botany went quick. I rushed home after that.

I think I forgot to mention this, but I “made” some yogurt either yesterday or the day before. I can’t remember which. Basically I took some of the fat free yogurt we had sitting in the fridge, put it in a little container, and then added about 5 handfuls of craisins, as well as three tablespoons of honey. I shook it up a little yesterday to make sure the sugars got all over the place, and today I had a little bit. It was amazing. It’s a little too sweet by its self though. I think if added some more yogurt it would be perfect. Or put it in a smoothie. Yum.

My sister stayed home from school today, but she has a job interview at 3, which I (think) I have to drive her to. My mom might be coming home early or something, but I’m not sure. If she’s not home early, I also have to drive her to her counseling appointment. Which is over at 6. And my dad comes to get us at 7:15. Oh lordy.

I haven’t heard back from my people to people advisor about me going to the other meeting. I asked her if she’d give me the email address of the other councilor, but still nothing. *sigh* Europe is going to be fun. I think I just need to realize that traveling with other people is difficult for me. Traveling alone is much easier. But I’m going to have fun on this trip damn it. Whether I like it or not!

Ok, I just wanted to type something out right quick before I had to leave. I’ll be back on Saturday at 9, so I’ll probably have a post for you then. If I don’t post it I’ve got it written out on my ipod. See you later!


I forgot to mention that I saw 999 three times today, 111 twice, 555, 333, 888 and 666 as well. The last 4 were all seen within a few minutes of each other. i also saw 11:11 today. Yay for repeating numbers in excess.