*rubs eyes* ugh. How to describe today? it was really just one of those meaningless days that I happened to have to existed through. I feel bad saying that with Egypt being the mess that it is at the moment. Have any of you been paying attention to that? I’ve been skimming some of the news articles, but I haven’t been following closely. To be honest, and I am embarrassed to admit this, I had no idea that anything was going on until just a few days ago when images of the riots first started appearing.

And now, away from world politics and death and suffering because of poor leadership, onto my meaningless day that affects no one and does nothing except suck up the resources of the world. yay me. So, this morning I got to drive to school again, which means I had more time to “finish” (edit) the assignment in history. M emailed me a completed timeline to me last night, but I was too tired to care, so I edited the whole thing in class today. It doesn’t look anything like what she sent me, except that the colors are all the same. Basically I took the whole period to work on a plagiarized assignment. Yay me. After that I went to the computer lab at the college to work on a lab report I hadn’t even started yet. I finished just in time, but forgot to print out todays lab. And studying for the midterm in Art wasn’t possible. The lab in Botany was the most boring one yet. We just had to draw a bunch of leaves and label what they were. The pottery midterm took about 15 minutes, but I failed everything. I had no idea what any of the answers were. That’s not true. I think I answered two of them correctly. But they were worth the least amount of points.

My sister stayed home today. She’s sick with something or other. She actually looks green, and has a green rim under the dark bags under her eyes. My mom went and got her from her friends house this morning before she went to school because she was feeling so bad. She slept for most of the day. She also has a job interview tomorrow. Yay. Can you tell how excited I am? Now I will be the bad child for being such an underachiever and not juggling seven periods (she’s deiced to take drama this semester) and a job. My schedule is too erratic for a job. I could work on the weekends I suppose. I’m really just not motivated to though. I know I should be, I know I need the money to pay for my trip, I know that even without the trip my household could use the money, but I just have no motivation to go and find a job.  I know that as soon as I got one though I’d be able to juggle everything just fine. That’s how I am. It’s all impossible until I finally do it. And then it’s something that’s easy and was not a big deal to begin with. I know myself too well.