I’ve been in kind of a touchy mood lately. I seem to be offended/irritated by everything. I’m getting tired of it.

Something I will complain about though is the location change of my Peopletopeople meeting. It was scheduled for the same time and place as last time, and has been like that for at least a month. Because of this, I texted my dad (who lives maybe 15 minutes from the location) and asked him if he could come and get my sister on Friday night so we could just stay down there for my birthday and he could take me to the thing and then we’d have the party after. So he’s already made all the arrangements with everyone to get together Saturday afternoon/evening. I just received an email from my group leader stating that another location had been found and that we’d be meeting there instead. Except, that’s up here. I’m kind of annoyed by this. Yes, it’s more convient since it’s actually going to be where we all live, but it was kind of a last minute change. Three days really isn’t enough time. So I emailed her back and asked if it was mandatory to go because I had made plans around the original place and time, which involved my whole family. She said that this was unfortunate, but if I couldn’t reschedule then I could try and meet with the other delegation leader (who’s merging into our group but isn’t really apart of it, even though we’ll be traveling with them) later in March. Even though that meeting will be after our third meeting. Im irritated. And I’m trying very hard to keep my mouth shut and not say anything. I’ve kind of turned into a bitch-zilla in the past few days. Sorry.

I have a ton of stuff due tomorrow and I haven’t started anything. I just spent the last huor waiting for Microsoft office 2010 to download onto my computer, and then half way through the installation process it told me that an old version of Office 2010 had already been installed and it couldn’t be programmed over and that my system couldn’t be rebooted to a time that didn’t have it or something like that. So basically I wasted an hour. And I’m tired. And I want it to be summer. It was so nice out today. The bees actually came out. I went and sat outside in the sun and my skin started itching from the warmth of it. It was nice.

Aside from being mad at the world, I’m also irritated with my desk chair. It’s very squeaky and obnoxious, so that every time I move I’m deafened by the sound of squeaking. It’s really bad when I’m trying to hear something downstairs or if there’s a nose outside because there’s usually a little black dog growling in my ear. Ugh.

Kira found a new way to climb out of the yard up into J’s driveway. Buttercup had almost followed her up there when I found them. It sounded like they were chasing a rat or something because there was a squeaking noise coming from the rockery.

The only good thing that came from today was getting to lay down on my bed with the sunlight streaming in through the bay window and all my dogs snuggled up next to me for about 15 minutes. It seemed to last forever but take up no time at all. I could’ve lain there forever. But instead I had to get up and get my sister from school. I had no nap today. Oh! And I had a really bizarre complex dream last night! I dreamt that I was Harry Potter and my sister was coming home from somewhere carrying something important but she was being stupid and careless about it even though we knew someone was watching the house. A woman on the other side of the street shot a spell at us but we’d put charms around the house so we were protected. I began shooting spells back at her and then managed to levitate a box over her and squish her. I then moved further into the house and remembered that Voldemort was on his way but I still had to find the last horcrux.

Everyone (from the order of the Phoenix) was searching around the house, and one of the rooms I looked in was kind of having a party, only it was like a restaurant and it was only guys, and then all of their clothes disappeared and I was irritated with my sister because I knew she’d gotten these guys together to try and distract me and I still had to find the horcrux. I went back to the hall and all the guys disappeared and then Lupin came running in with a large white dog on a leash. It was sniffing out the horcrux and had a tail like a rattlesnake’s. And then suddenly I wasn’t Harry Potter and I remembered I knew where the horcrux was and had to go and find it to give to Harry. It was a key and it was hidden behind the water basin of the toilet downstairs. I made it to the bathroom but then I woke up. lol. I’m so weird. I wish I could dream all the time though. I love dreams. “Anything can happen.”