I couldn’t believe how bad today turned out. First thing in the morning, before my day had really even started, I almost hit someone at school. I took the car today, and they stepped right up to the edge of the sidewalk like they were going to go, so I stopped quickly because I was worried they were going to step out in front of me, but he stayed stopped so I went, but right as I went he went, so it was just awkward. Ugh. I hate pedestrians. I hate being a pedestrian too, for the same reason.

I was late to class because we’d gotten out of the house so late.

Today was multiple choice Tuesday in math, so my shoulder buddy and I had to stand up and explain how to solve the problem we were presented. The people before us had gone, and my shoulder buddy was acting like it was our turn to go, and no one was saying anything, so I stood up like I was ready to go. My teacher was like, NO NO NO! so I was stuck standing there awkwardly while he freaked out. I sat down, but was slightly embarrassed. Eventually we went, and that was fine. A few groups later, someone tripped and used my desk to catch themselves. Which only strengthened my belief that I had a bad aura around me today. I could almost feel it, pushing at me from behind. It’s a weird thing to explain. I saw it as a sickly yellow though.

On my way to college after second period, a really mangy coyote ran out in front of me. Not even a block away from school. I slammed on my breaks, seeing in an instant myself hitting and killing it, and it’s poor lifeless body lying in the middle of the road. Thankfully I didn’t actually hit it, and it got to the other side of the road. It stood there and watched me while I almost had a panic attack in the car. I sat there for what felt like forever but what was probably 30 seconds, looking back at it, and then it left, and a car pulled up behind me, so I continued down the road. I almost considered going home. I wanted to just lie in bed and cry. I felt so bad. If I’d’ve hit it, I would’ve gone home.

I made it to college without any other incidents, but I was really on edge the whole ride over. I watched the edges of the road very closely to make sure nothing was going to jump out at me, and I almost swerved into the other lane when I spaced out for a fraction of a second and then saw a woman walking her dog. Everything was fine for the most part though. I got to college and parked and just sat in the car for a moment, needing a moment to myself. Then I went to the cafeteria, sat down with a girl I used to be “friends” with (I hung out with her group, but I was never really a part of it, during freshman year) and ate my lunch. I hung my overcoat on the back of my chair. My friend had to leave, but R from pottery (the guy I sit next to) was a few tables away, so I just got up and went and sat with him. I still had about… 40 minutes, if not more, before my class started, so I just sat and read 1984 and texted Amber. Finally the time came to go to class, when I realized I didn’t have my overcoat. I was like, seriously, I’m going to have lost ANOTHER thing. I was super irritated with myself. Then I remembered where I’d left it and went to check. It was still there thankfully.

I went to Botany, then realized I was supposed to print out the bibliography for the experiment we’re doing. Which I only had two links for because I forgot to finish it last night. I was really ready to be done with my day at this point. Class slowly went on and I tried to take as many notes as possible since I don’t have a book to use any more. Finally class ended and I went to Pottery. Which was actually fun. Most if not all of the class was spent looking for “that’s what she said” jokes. We actually found a lot. And they were funny too. While we were joking around I was working on my 3rd project. I’m making a fish-cup thing. Basically it’s going to be this enormus cup, except it’ll have a lid on it. And be impossible to clean because it’s ridiculously difficult to get your hand inside anymore. That’s what she said. Anyway, I’m excited to be doing that, but I’m behind on my other projects some how. I hate how much stuff we have to do. I’ve done everything, but it’s all disappeared. Ugh.

I came straight home after class and then took an hour nap. Today was horrible and I’m glad it’s over.