I tried writing this earlier, but my family seemed determined not to let me. I wanted to be done with this and asleep about two hours ago, but they wanted to stay up and watch The Office and my sister wouldn’t leave me alone so yeah. And I’m really tired. Last night was one of the least restful nights I’ve ever had. I woke up almost every hour, and around 4 I had a dream that I was shot in the head. I’ve never been shot or killed in any dream I can remember. The blast from my dream seemed to carry over into reality and jolted my head over to the side so that I probably looked like one of those guys who was sick and getting their butts kicked by a cough medicine or something. All I can remember from the dream was that I was doing something on a table or something and someone who I thought was a friend had just gotten up and walked behind me, and then walked back over carrying a double barreled shotgun. They pointed it right at my eyes and then pulled the trigger, which resulted in me turning my head away so fast that I woke myself up. I remember being half asleep but still seeing down the end of the gun’s barrel. It was really bizarre.

Aside from my sleepless night, today wasn’t too horrible. It was the first day of the new semester/quarter in high school. Only 89 more days to go until summer! Math was pretty boring. C decided that she would rather do a college class and finish early then just stick out the rest of the year, so I’m pretty much in their alone. Well, M is in there, but I don’t really talk to her. I should though. She’s one of those really sweet girls that you notice but don’t really remember. I actually do really like her. We get along well, but I don’t think we’d ever really be friends. Maybe that should be my goal this quarter. Make friends with M. She’s been in at least one of my classes every year since the beginning of middle school I think. She was in my Spanish class last year, and I feel like I had her in something freshman year but can’t remember… hmmm.

US history sucked. It’s 11:11 right now. I’ve seen 5:55, 333, and 11:11 today. Anyway, my history teacher (the original, not Ms M, who’s last day was Friday :() assigned a massive project thing that has multiple due dates because it’s got so much in it. Basically we’re going to teach ourselves this quarter. Which I hate. If I wanted to learn from a text book or the internet, I wouldn’t come to school. I find it extremely annoying when teachers decide that it would be “fun” to assign projects that require no class time. I can and will do this entire project at home. Ugh.

Botany was refreshing. I was worried I’d been failing, but the instructor handed a lot of stuff back today and I did pretty well on everything. I only missed one or two points on the labs, got an extra credit point for writing about the sustainability of bamboo, and got 10/10 on my presentation. And, most importantly, I got a 93% on the exam we had last week. And she said that the way the class grades are looking, there’s about half the class who got above 90% on the test, and the other half got below 60%. The girl who sits in front of me, A, didn’t do so well on the exam. I was surprised because she’d done so well on the quiz. I was really happy though. I usually don’t get good grades like that. It was kind of refreshing. Also, we started our experiment today. CRAP! I just remembered that I was supposed to come up with a bibliography for the research we did (I did) on to make the experiment to begin with. Ugh. I’ll just print it out before class tomorrow. I’m driving so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. Hopefully I won’t get shot.