I’m kind of in shock right now. I just went to my stats page and saw that I’d received over 3,800 hits this month. That’s 925 views a week. I was completely shocked when I saw it. And I figured I’d write about it now because there’s virtually no way I’m going to get 200 views tomorrow. The most views I’ve ever gotten is 166, sometime this month. I’m excited though. I mean, considering all I do is write about an absolutely pointless topic, I’m glad to know that people care enough to come back and read it every day. Maybe a little scared as well. How much of a psychopath do you have to be to actually enjoy the craziness that is my brain, that’s what I want to know.

Anyway, today was pretty decent on weather-wise so my mom and I did a bit of yard work. We didn’t really get that much done, considering the lawn that’s started growing all over the hillside, but it was nice to be out there again. I hate grass. I’ve said it before, but I really do not like grass. Unless it’s the only plant for miles around, I don’t like it. I enjoy it when it’s in prairie form, but lawns are pointless and require too much maintenance and water. I’ve ranted about this before. Anyway. The crocuses are coming up already, which is exciting. My mom decided (after I asked her about a bazillion times when we should start planting things) to buy an almanac (a calendar for farmers which has the dates of when to plant certain things, the temperatures and weathers of the months, etc). I’m looking forward to getting one. I’d really like to tear up the lawn and start a little farm. I love the terraced hillside, but it’s not designed for farming purposes. If we just tore up the lawn, which isn’t even really a lawn because the soil is so sandy and crappy that even the grass can’t handle it, and mulched the upturned dirt and encouraged worms to live there, the lawn could be really productive. I’d want to plant corn, pumpkins, and… something else. Maybe watermelon.  I think the watermelon will go up on the rockery though, because it’ll be easier to maintain up there.

It was the perfect temperature outside today though because it was just warm enough to be comfortable, but still cool enough that the bees weren’t out and bothersome. We cleaned up most of their area first, and then moved on. They did come out for a few mintues at one point, but the sun hid behind the clouds again and then they were done. It was still nice out though. I’m excited for spring!

After we were done outside the cable guy came and installed a line into my sister’s room, so she can watch tv now too. My aunt randomly came over (the one that hardly ever gets mentioned because we only see each other during holidays and birthdays) and she and my mom went out to get their eyebrows waxed. Then my mom went to get my sister from my dads and that was that.

Apparently I’ve got a “surprise” coming, but I don’t have a clue what it might be. I’m going to bug my sister like crazy though, because she told me I had a surprise but then wouldn’t give me any further information. Whenever someone does that they’re just trying to get a reaction and drive you nuts. So I will be badgering my sister until she tells me, because it’s exactly what she asked for when she told me without really telling me anything. Also, my dad has invited my sister and I to go to Hawaii with him and his girlfriend and her family sometime this year. I’m not really interested in going. I love Hawaii, but I don’t really want to be stuck on an island with my dad’s girlfriend’s family. Or my dad really.  Also, he’s never taken us before, so I’m not really inclined to go just because he wants to spoil his girlfriend. He also is thinking of taking my sister and I (and probably his girlfriend as well) on a cruise next January. Again, not inclined to go. I don’t really care for cruises, even though I’ve never been on one, but I’m not really interested in being stuck on a boat with a billion other people and my sister and my dad. Staying home sounds much more interesting. Plus, it’s my senior year next year. I can’t just up and leave right in the middle of college.

Aside from all of that, I pretty much sat around and watched The Office today. Pam and Jim are FINALLY dating. I just started season 4. I picked up a scarf I started knitting over a year ago because I feel really unproductive when I watch TV. I always need to be doing something else, and knitting is something easy.

Anyway, good night!