I wanted nothing more than to sit around and watch my fishies today. I’m in love with them. And Roy is a lot prettier than I realized when I bought him. It’s hard to get a picture of him, but here are a few. I put him in the goldfishes’ old tank (originally I’d put him in a square vase that was going to be sold in the garage sale, but he looks better in the tank) and took a few pictures of him.

This one shows off his colors best. Almost all of these pictures are blurry though, which is annoying.

I just liked the colors and the shape of him here.

He’s pretty here too. I like the way he looks in the tank because he’s so bright and tiny and it contrasts with the largeness of the tank. And this picture makes him look oddly sinister, just floating there in the middle of the tank. He’s a lot more active now that he’s gotten used to the size of it and has realized he can move around more. I put some devils ivy in the tank with him to give him some plant life to nibble on. Plus the roots will give him a place to hide in if he wants to.

The goldfish are in the wide open space, which is nice because there’s nothing to hide behind and the poop is all taken up by the filter because it has nothing to get stuck behind/underneath. So the tank is pretty clean which is nice. I need to put something in there though, so they have something to sleep against to get away from the current. They’re yawning at me at the moment. Not that I can blame them. I’m exhausted.
I didn’t actually do anything today, but I’m really tired. J came over for dinner to talk about fundraising for my trip (we’re thinking a bunco night or something) but other than that I pretty much sat around. Except for when I cleaned the goldfishes’ tank so Roy could have a new home, and when I swept the floors. But other than that I just sat around and watched The Office. It’s hilarious.