Today was mostly a self-indulgence day. I know I work really hard during the week and never do anything selfish (that was all sarcastic) but everyone needs some “me” time every once in a while, right? R and I made plans earlier in the week to go out to a mall today, so she came and got me at 1:30. I watched The Office and ate cereal until she got here. Then we went to the mall and got starbucks, and walked around for two hours. I went into a Dolce and Gabbana outlet, a Prada outlet, as well as a Victoria secret today. I was really proud of myself. I’m not longer such a disgrace to gays everywhere, having entered establishments of such high fashion. It was kind of funny really. I told R “If I had a vagina I would have NO money. I would buy every fashionable thing. Purses and jackets and jeans and shoes would fill entire rooms of my house.” We promptly left the Dolce and Gabbana outlet, lol.

We mostly did a lot of window shopping, which was fun, but for whatever reason we decided to go to petsmart, which was not the best decision. I’ve been wanting a bigger tank for a while now, just because a half gallon is way too small for a pair of 3 inch goldfish. I’ve also really wanted a beta fish for a while, so when we saw the stand full of beta’s we had to stop and look. My older/favorite cousin A’s friend N works at petsmart, so she pretty much stood and talked with us the entire time we were there. R found two fish that were yellow that she liked, but who weren’t too interested in her. I looked at several fish, but found one that kind of stood out to me. I verbally asked it if it wanted to come home, and it turned away from me, so I put it back. I picked up a few more and found one that I liked, and asked this one as well. He got really excited and kept looking at me, which was an obvious yes, so I had to buy him. Plus, before I even asked him he was miraculously given the name Roy, due to an odd series of misinterpreted words between R and me. And he was only $2 because they were having a sale. So, basically I was leaving with him no matter what.

I only had $28 dollars in my pocket, but I really wanted to look at the tanks because my goldfish really needed a larger one. Those were all on sale too, and N helped me find the perfect one. After about 15 minutes of debating whether I should even get one, she found me a 10 gallon tank that came with a filter and a lid with lights for only $25. I had to get it. Of course, going from half a gallon to 10 gallons is a big difference, and considering my mom has been against me getting a larger tank for a while, I was really on the fence about it. I stood at the cash register debating whether I should get it with R and N for about 20 minutes before I finally just said screw it and bought it. Due to tax I was $3 short, but R covered me. The sales saved me $17 dollars exactly. She then drove me home and she and my mom and I talked for about half an hour before she went home. We’re thinking about going to some public gardens tomorrow, but I don’t know where or what kind. We’ll see.

R and I also decided that we would go to the U-district in Seattle on my birthday for lunch and to check out the greenhouses. She screamed when she had the idea she was so excited. My friends are weird…

Here’s a picture of my fishies.


The goldfish with the long tails name (the male/on the left) is Jacques. I haven’t really named the female (shorter tail/ on the right) yet, I don’t think, but the two of them are definitely a couple. I wouldn’t know what to do if one of them died. I call them my Yin and Yang fish. They will swim in circles around each other sometimes, and never stray farther than a few inches from one another. The female is usually towing after the male, who will swim in front of her and hide her from view occasionally. It was kind of funny/ odd, but I put them in there and they were both really active, and then all of the sudden the female freaked out and started jetting all over the place like a crazy women. She stopped as suddenly as she started and then both fish just pulled in all their fins and dropped to the bottom of the tank. The filter causes the water to move around in a slow circle, so when the both hit the bottom they slowly began to spin. It kind of made me laugh. But it also freaked me out because I didn’t wait for the chlorine to leave the water before I put them in there, so I was worried that they’d gotten a large amount of it built up somewhere in their body or something. I’ve put them in tap water before without such dramatic results before though, so I think it might be just the large amount of space. They barely had room to turn around before, which explains them dropping like stones randomly.

You can’t hardly see Roy on the far left but he’s there in the blue water. He’s an average sized beta with a deep blue color and fins that change from blue to red depending on how he moves them. I feel like he’s the exact way you’d think a beta should look. He’s pretty active, but I think that’s mostly to do with the fact that there’s two large gold fish right next to him. Whenever he’s not moving though he’s just lying there watching me. Kind of interesting.