Today was actually really nice. I had a lab report/plan thing due today, which I didn’t want to bother with last night, so I set my alarm clock for 6:45. After hitting the snooze, the nap button, and then sleeping in an extra half hour accidentally, I finally got up at 7:40. woops. Thankfully I got ready quickly, and managed to BS a pretty decent lab proposal for my group. I didn’t leave the house until after 10 (my mom left me the car today), but not before realizing I’d left my textbook at school yesterday. I knew exactly where I’d left it. I took it out just before the exam to flip through the pages, and then when the exam started I put it on the floor instead of in my bag. This resulted in the book being left behind at the end of class. I asked my teacher about it today but she said she hadn’t heard anything.

Botany was really fun today though. We had a lab, which tested the stem of a madrona tree to see how much water is moved up through the leaves. This involved a long floppy tube, a thick brown stick that needed to be forced into the tube, the discussion of how the bigger sticks would be better because they would make a stronger seal for the water, as well as head and, yes, Vaseline. The two hours were basically one big “that’s what she said” moment. It was hilarious. My group is definitely the best in the class. We’re loud and always laughing. Most about sex stuff, but there you have it. The girl in my group and I had kind of a private conversation about why size mattered and after we agreed that it did we gave each other a high five. Hahahaha. She’s one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met, but she makes me laugh so much. My day would be so boring without her, I can’t even imagine.

After that I had pottery, which was somewhat fun, but no where near the awesomeness levels in Botany. I think I’ve kind of maybe possibly finished three projects but the first three mini pieces are all still disappeared. I’m irritated. I just want to turn them in and get credit for them and be done. Ugh. I stayed a little late today because I got really into working on the third project. It’s a 3D assignment, so you basically build whatever hollow thing you want. I made a pinch pot and have started adding coils to it. I don’t know what it will be, but I enjoyed making the stuff I’ve got at the moment. M stayed after with me and then gave me a ride to my car because it was so way far out in the boonies. I’m always surprised when people actually seem to like me and are nice to me. I wouldn’t be nice to me lol. I’m annoying as hell. I had a weird feeling that I’d be a bad omen to her before we left class, right after she tripped after helping me clean up. This feeling was proven when she left the parking garage and hit the curb and popped off her hub cap. We pulled over and walked back to get it. It was pretty funny.

I love college. The classes may be a bit more difficult, but the people are so much better. I’ve already decided that if I fail this quarter of college classes, I’m dropping out of high school and will get a job and pay for my own classes. I’m not going back to high school. I will kill the people in it if I do. On that murderous note, I’m off to bed. I’m tired after watching four hours of The Office. I love that show so much. It’s hilarious.