Today was one of those irritating days where nothing but going home and lying on my floor would’ve made me happy. I couldn’t stop staring at people for some reason, and at certain times when I’m spacing out my eyes feel like they get bigger. As if to give the world a better look into the empty space in my head where my brain should be. So I spent most of lunch at the college trying very hard to concentrate on my botany book and not stare at people with a vacant expression on my face. The annoying part was that I didn’t WANT to stare at people. My eyes just kept finding random faces to look at and then my mind would go completely blank and I had to struggle to look away. It was very irritating. Botany class was no better. I lost control of my brain halfway through and spent a good ten minutes straight in the world of Harry Potter. I was able to write down every word she said while I did this though, but I couldn’t’ve told you what any of it meant.

I spent most of my math class convincing the girl who sits in front of me (the one I sold the gloves to, and who still owes me $10) that I was pregnant. It was pretty funny. The guy who sits next to me was laughing too, and when the girl who sits in front of me asked him if I was lying he just shrugged and said “I didn’t get him pregnant”. We could not stop laughing after that. We tried to keep it down while my teacher plowed on with whatever nonsense he was rambling about, but there was really no controlling it. I enjoyed high school today.

After botany I managed to catch the early bus home, but since I had to stay after to finish a math project I got off at the stop I wait at to catch the bus to begin with and got a starbucks. From there I went immediately to my high school and went to my history class. Ms M wasn’t there, but all her stuff was so I walked around the school for a while and gave her sometime to get back to the class. 6th period is her planning period, so she doesn’t actually have to be in the room then. I ran into a few people I had been semi-good friends with, or rather, sat with in classes in previous years, and then headed back to history. She was there this time, so I sat down and talked with her. It was a lot of fun, but it’s clear that we aren’t really friends. I’m pretty sure I like her more than she likes me. And I’m pretty good at reading people, so I’m pretty sure I’m right. Pretty. Sorry, just needed to say it again. Anyway, we talked for the half an hour that was left until school got out, and then as I was walking out I asked if we (C and I) could bring in donuts tomorrow as a going-away party for her. She said that it was against the rules but then she was like, eh who cares, bring some in.
I went down to my math class and found C. She said she’d finished the power point during second while I’d been writing my script for the history final. With no reason to stay anymore, we went back up to our history class to bother Ms M. We basically told her what our plan was for the donuts and stuff tomorrow and then we left. Then I had to walk home because C is too much of a goody-two-shoes rule follower to break the law and drive me the 30 blocks to my house. And since I was pressuring her she said someone was going to die. “I’ve watched all the videos, someone always dies when peer pressure’s involved”. Then a substitute teacher who’d been walking beside us made a suggestion about what to do to avoid trouble and I was like, see! Even the teachers think you should give me a ride! She was a poop though and wouldn’t do it, but before I left I gave her $20 to pay for the donuts. She’ll pay me back tomorrow.

Spring is definitely on its way. I was soooo hot walking home. I’ve been having random hot flashes more and more. It’s really annoying. I wanted nothing more than to jump into a lake when I got home, and then have dried off and curled up in bed. But instead I stayed downstairs and knitted a few rows and wasted my evening doing god knows what. And now it’s suddenly after 9 and I have no idea where the time went. Ugh. Time irritates me. It moves too fast when you need it, and then slows down when you are waiting something. I think I’m going to need to have a chat with Father-Time about his humor.

Also, I saw 111 at least four times today, 222 once or twice I think, and 333 at least once. It makes me wonder about life.