I finally just sat down and read through the last half of The Deathly Hallows. I hadn’t really had time until now, but I’m glad I was able to read the last half all at once. I haven’t read it since it came out and I don’t think I’d reread all the books before hand. Granted, I didn’t reread the first one this time around like I should’ve, but my mom was (and still is) reading it when I started this reading adventure. There’s SO much that happens that the movies don’t even cover. And now that I’ve read the series again, I do actually sort of like Snape. Just a tiny bit. He fell in with the wrong crowd, but he always really loved Lily. When he found out the master he supported was going to harm her he double crossed him almost immediately and vowed to protect her son nobly. And Minerva! She was absolutely brilliant! I’ve always loved McGonagall though. And when what’s his name spit in her face I was like oh nooo. And then Harry went and crucified him and I was oh yep! And she’s trying to act like he shouldn’t’ve done that while still being deeply touched. I pretty much wanted to jump through the book and give every character a hug on every page. And Hermione! And Ron and his brilliance in the end! Ahhh! I just want to hug all of them. Ugh. Why was I not born a wizard? Hmm? Can anyone answer me that? And the Dumbledores!!! I’d forgotten EVERYTHING! I made the connection about Aberforth before I remembered it.

And their poor little sister. It made me gasp when I read it. I had to read that part twice to make sure I’d read it correctly. Poor poor girl. And even though JK rowling says that Dumbledore is gay, I really couldn’t find any shred of evidence in what she’d written that he was. No where does it indicate that he had a summer romance. Everything those two did was all things very close friends would do.

Reading books always makes me happy and sad at the same time. I love reading. I love falling in love with the characters of beautiful stories where good always triumphs over evil in the end. And the mystery in HP which intertwines all the books beautifully makes it an amazing story. I always feel sad too though. A sense of longing and loss; like somehow I’ve just lost a close friend. I cannot continue on with the characters in their world after the last page. In my imagination perhaps, but they become fictional versions of their nonexistent selves at that point. I am stuck here, in a life I do not care too much for, and they get to live in happy worlds, stuck with the scars of the past yes, but they’ve accepted them and moved on. I’d completely forgotten that Tonks dies. And her father, and Bellatrix and poor poor Fred. I knew one of the twins died, I just couldn’t remember which. And Neville! He’s so much MORE than what they make him out to be in the movies! I loved how all the Hufflepuffs come out of no where with the tangula vines and those pod things and devils snare and whatever else. Absolutely brilliant. And Peeves! And the bloody romance between Helena Ravenclaw and The Bloody Baron! J.K Rowling did an absolutely amazing job with the books. I can’t believe a story like that just popped into her head, fully formed. She said she knew how everything would turn out when she first started writing.

*sigh* I don’t know how it is she manages not to spend all her time in the world she’s created. If something as fantastical as Harry Potter popped into my head, I would pretty much spend all day laying in bed thinking about it. Also, Harry’s really cute at the end. When he died and was naked in limbo I was like oooh child. Thank you J.K for giving me that to think about.

Reading makes me sad. I’m stuck here, in this dying world, wishing to be in my own small corner with a few acres, some chickens, my beehives and my dogs. That’s all I want out of life. Just a cute little farm. I feel no need to try and contribute to the rest of humanity. I just want a little self sufficient ecosystem to live in. With beautiful flowing meadows and a large apple tree in front of a decent sized white house. The chickens eating bugs in the back garden and the dogs running to greet me when I come home from the feed store. That’s all I need. That’s my dream life. I wouldn’t mind having someone to share it with, but I’m just as content living it alone. Just need my dogs. Maybe a cat to keep the mice down…