I got to sleep in today which was soooo nice. I can’t even explain how wonderful getting more than 6 straight hours of sleep felt. I usually don’t dream until after my 8th hour of sleep, but even if I dream and only get 4 hours of sleep, I always feel more rested than if I hadn’t dreamt at all. I had several bizarre dreams, one involving me and a trident protecting a horse standing on a telephone wire, positioned so that the wire was suspended over this horrendous amount of space between it and the ocean, from these weird blue cows by zapping them with the trident. You’re all jealous that your dreams aren’t this awesome aren’t you. It’s ok. We can’t all be this awesome.

Today I cleaned my room in search of the charger for my camera. I can’t believe I’ve lost it already. Thankfully the cord to download pictures also doubles as a charger. Oh! I forgot I have some awesome bee pictures to post. Yay! Anyway, my room has been… slightly organized. And when I say organized, I mean I took all of the large plastic tubs that were full of Christmas junk and threw them up in the attic, along with a few other misc items that were in the way. Which reminds me. Buttercup always hates it whenever I get up in the attic. She gets all excited but wants to come up there with me to help. She’s a goof. Today she figured out how to climb up into the attic, due to the staggered heights of the large furniture and the little outcropping thing that is the space above the stairs to the garage. Once she had climbed up to see me, Kira needed to be up with me too. I had to pick Buttercup up from the outcropping thing, but Kira jumped right up without any problem. She came cowering over to me like she’d just broken the worst rule ever though, which was weird. She was pressed so low to the ground I was surprised she could move. Sam felt neglected and tried to climb up to see me too, but the first step was too much to try without a running start for him. So I climbed back down and to give him some love. When I turned around to climb back up, this is what I saw.

The dogs kept moving so I couldn’t get a shot that wasn’t blurry, but you get the idea. They were being silly and cute.

 Also, here’s a picture I got of Kira barking.

She was about a two steps below the top most step, and I was standing on the back step of the house. My cameras zoom is amazing. Just wait until you see the bee pictures.

Oh! But before any of this happened, I gave my sister a ride to this little convenience store so she could do a project with some guys. We got a starbucks on the way there, and then on the way home I decided to drive past the houses that have the awesome smelling yards, just to see what they look like in winter. While driving back from seeing the yards, I almost ran over two chiwawas. I had just picked up my starbucks to take a drink, I was going really slow and looking out the window at the yards in this really residential area, when I check the road in time to see this little dog in a bright pink poncho run out in front of the car. I slammed on the breaks, starbucks still being drunk from, and watched as a second dog, similarly dressed, appeared from out of the blind spot in the front of the car. They crossed the (virtually one lane) road and began playing in the yard. I was so freaked out. I could’ve easily run them over. No one was around or anything, which made it worse because I would’ve had no idea what to do if I’d hit one. I just kept driving and watched as they played in the yard. I went directly home after that.

Sometime after cleaning my room, my sister called to say my dad had called her to ask about having dinner with us tonight. He said he’d drive up here to eat with us. So we said yes and at 6 he came and picked us up and we went to Kid Valley down on the water. It was actually pretty good. I’d never been there before and didn’t hate it. We talked/ate for about an hour and a half and then he took us home and that was that. It was actually kind of nice. Just long enough to say hello, but not long enough to get tired of being around him. Yet another reason why he needs to pay for the insurance on the car. If I could get places, I would probably go down to see him a little more often.
We went over to J’s and played taboo around 10 and then watched Borat. OMG. That movie is terrible. I couldn’t even believe what he did and said. J laughed at me through most of the movie because my face was always in some ridiculous state of shock after every sentence. It was ridiculous.

Then I came home and wrote this while sleeping because I’m so tired I can barely think but need to complete this post to make sure I am doing my job to document my life successfully. Now that that’s done, good night!