I don’t think I can go back to high school again. I’m too far into college life now to be able to handle suffering through the hells of high schools hallways. People are so much nicer in college. Like SO much nicer. I went back to high school after college to do some math stuff, and I was barely there five minutes when a fight almost broke out. Guys are such idiots. They really irritate me sometimes.

I didn’t really tell you all what happened yesterday. It was actually really fun. I laughed constantly in Botany. We are definitely the loudest group, and certainly the ones that have the most fun. Everyone else is quiet and boring, and they were all finished with the lab half an hour before class got out. My group slowed way down in productivity when it became apparent that “that’s what she said” was applicable when it came to the size and shape of the stems we were looking at. And the hairiness of them. I also told them about the dream I had which involved a bunch of worms coming out of one of the pots next to my bed, and then a disgustingly large one (about as big as my leg) that tried to come out of the pot and eat me. It was large, slippery, and pink. Lol. In pottery I threw the tallest thing I’ve ever (I was throwing for about 5 hours) made multiple times. And after getting this spiral of clay up to over a foot in height and successfully bringing it back down again, I managed to ruin the pot I tried to build. I tried lifting it too much. I need to work on that. But I did make one thing that was kind of cool, so I’ll be working on that on Tuesday.

Now that I’ve done that little summary, here’s what happened today. My mom has been planning to let me use the car today all week so I would’ve gotten to use the car even if she wasn’t sick and had stayed home. I drove my sister and I to school, then left right after a group test in math. Because it was a late start, I only got to the college half an hour before I would’ve on a normal day. It was nice being able to get there early and get my work done though. I couldn’t find A, and she wasn’t responding to my texts, so I sat with S, a girl I’ve known for a while but never really gotten to know (she was in my bio class last year and ended up being our student rep for the last half of the year), and K, whose group I was in freshman year. I still wonder why I was ever in that group though. I had nothing in common with any of those people. C was the only one I ever talked to. *shakes head* I’m a weird person. None of them even liked me lol. But anyways, I sat with S and K, and started some botany work that I hadn’t finished last night.

This really, and when I say really I mean REALLY, cute guy sat down with us a few minutes later. He knows K, which isn’t really surprising because she always has hot guy friends. He was kind of distracting at first to be honest. And then after glancing at him a few times, I realized just how amazingly gorgeous his and S’s babies would be if they had kids. S is really pretty and has great skin complexion and a good body type, and he fit the definition of tall dark and handsome to a T (he’s Uruguayan but looks Persian). If he had been if the slightest bit more built, there would’ve been chaos. Not kidding. My friend B, who was going to get a ride home from S, came and sat down with us. I love B. She’s big, black, and not afraid to say what she thinks. She’s hilarious. She looked at the guy, whose name I never heard, and was like “you are really sexy”. He just smiled and said thanks, but everyone else was laughing. I could not stop. I couldn’t believe she really just said that, especially since he was 21 and everyone else at the table was 16.

Between laughs I was like, omg B I love you. She was like, What, he’s sittin’ over there lookin’ all sexy and shit, typin’ away on his keyboard. Which he was. He then had a very in depth conversation with S about whether she should date a certain guy she liked, or a different guy who she liked better. It was like, ok really, he cannot be that good looking and sit here and give a 16 year old relationship advice. I was really tempted to just tell the two of them to go find a room just so they could make a baby. I’m not kidding, that child would be god-like. It irritates me when people with amazing genes don’t join up for the sake of passing them on. If I looked like that, that’s what I’d do.

All at once everyone had to leave for some reason or other, leaving me alone with this guy. He was like, you just got ditched bud, how’d that happen. I was like, I dunno, apparently they don’t really like me. He said he was in the same boat. I just sort of laughed and then put my nose in a book. What was I supposed to talk to him about? He was straight and wanted to be an engineer, I’m a queer who wants to be a pioneer. Yes, I really just said that. lol. But seriously. I just sat there and finished my hw, and then after about half an hour got up to leave. While I was putting my stuff away he mouthed the question “is she cute?” and indicated the girl who had sat next to him ten minutes ago. I made an Eh face, did an iffy shrug and got up to leave. He nodded in understanding and we said goodbye and off to botany I went. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of him. He woul’d’ve won the Eye Candy competition. *sigh* Except for his fangs. In todays world though, that really only adds to his appeal. It’s kind of disgusting how attractive he is actually.

After class I drove home and was eating top ramen before 1. Then I went back to the high school, remeasured the stuff for the math final and left. At 4 I went to the public library with M from History to work on our final, only to find out I didn’t actually need to. I drove her home after we talked for an hour, and when I got home and told my mom, she was… almost excited. She was like, You broke the law?! But she said it like it was a good thing and had half a smile on her face. It made me laugh. This is why I’m a good-kid not-so-nice-person. My house has no consequences.