I figured I’d try and give myself a bit of a challenge and look for only redhead cuties. I’m not usually much of a redhead fan, but there are some exceptions. Now if I can just remember who they all are, I’ll be golden. But please no golden showers. I love The Office, lol.

Prince Henry. I really hadn’t ever heard of him until I googled cute red head guys. I think America needs a few cute princes running around. From what I could tell from the pictures, Henry’s rather scandelous.

Annoyingly, he was the only redhead I could find. If you google redheads all you get is porn. Which is annoying when you’re not looking for that. So, you’re just going to have to look at some non-redheaded folks.

Eric Dane. Look at him being al responsible; eating cheerios, keeping his cholestoral low. And lookin’ good doing it.

Michael Weatherly. I might acutally have to start watching NCIS if this is who’s on the show.

I really only find Patrick Dempsey appealing in certain lights when he’s turned just so. Otherwise he’s just a little off to me. I can’t ever put my finger on it though.

John Stamos. Don’t tell me you didn’t secretly wish he was your uncle when you watched Full House.

Brendan Fehr. Yet another reason why you should all watch Bones.