You know the world is going crazy when I (put as much emphasis on that as you can) am the subject of peoples dreams, am considered “cool”, can get anyone I want/ “the cream of the crop” and am a “heartbreaker”. Yes. This is the insanity that is my day.

In Math we’ve started our final project for the quarter, which is a group project that involves working with 3 other people to find the height of some object using trig. Thankfully our groups are just the people we sit by, otherwise I’d’ve been screwed. But anyway, I went to college and then came back (I caught an early bus and got to sit at starbucks and wait for half an hour which was awesome) to my high school at the end of the day to do this stupid project. My group and I ran all over the school looking for the object we were supposed to solve for and couldn’t find it until our math teacher drives by on his way out and asks what we’re doing. He points us in the right direction, and we get to work. It was really simple and quick once we knew what we were supposed to be doing (although, I still haven’t tried to solve the problem) and we were done gathering data quickly. My friend C (not C from sophomore year, but a different C) randomly asks who I like and why I haven’t found anybody because I could get anyone I wanted, “like the cream of the crop you know”. I was just like, wtf, where did this come from? That was my last experience of the day.

My first experience happened during lunch at the college. I was sitting with A and- jesus I can never remember his name. He and another guy have the same name in my pottery class! UGH. Whatever, I’m going to call him G even though I know that’s not his name. I was sitting with A, G and some other guy whose name I’ve only heard once. Well, A is a little bit new to the whole, gay friend thing, and loves mentioning that I’m gay as much as possible. Every other joke that could possibly relate (but not really) to being gay she smiled and looked at me and said it was because I was “shway” like my being gay was some big secret. Like, wtf. If these two guys didn’t know I was gay before A’s hints and clues, then they’re the dumbest guys I’ve ever met. Then she asked if she could tell them, because it was clearly killing her that she thought she knew something that they didn’t, and so when I told them she went about it in this long akward way that was like, OMG this girl is a spaz. She was like, Willow doesn’t really like me (she was standing up at the time, and pointed at her lower regions), and then danced around the subject.

I don’t even remember what I said, but all I could think was, this girl is taking too damn long for such a simple thing that doesn’t even matter to anybody but her. So I just made it clear what she was trying to say, but she continued anyway, which prompted the guy whose name I heard once to tell her how awkward she was being and asked for a change of subjects. I just said, A is in love with me and dreams about me naked. She’s also obsessed with gay sex. Her eye’s about popped out of her head and her mouth dropped to the floor. Then she started laughing hysterically (because everything I said is, in fact, true) which made the OnceNamedGuy start teasing her and made things less tense for him. I was fine. Neither of them seemed to care so I wasn’t going to. If I had been uncomfortable from the beginning it would’ve been a different matter.

After that A decided she needed to study and moved to another table and left me there to die with the guys. So, of course, all three of us start shouting at her to keep her from working, and because I’m the silliest of the three of us, and because A is easily distracted by silly things, I was silly. Which prompted G to say that he thought I was cool in Pottery but realized I was a freak. He’s really nice though and totally didn’t mean it offensively at all, and I wasn’t offended in the least. I was more shocked that he thought I was cool. I had to pause in what I was doing, I was like, Wait, you thought I was cool?! Apparently I was the cool, loud, funny kid in Pottery. But I let my freak flag fly too high and now the jig is up. Oh well. Also, A asked me to marry her when I complimented her ring.

After that was class, and then high school, and then home, which involved a nap and some knitting, vacuuming and some homework. I was texting H and told her about all of the above junk, and she said that I was a heart breaker. I couldn’t stop laughing. Oh how insane my life is. I went from being completely invisible a few months ago, to cool kid with sex appeal. Apparently short hair looks good on me.
Also, take a look at some pictures I took of the moon with my awesome camera tonight! I couldn’t believe how far it zoomed in.

At first this I thought this was as close as I could get, but theres this weird double zoom thing that alows you to zoom even further. Which results in this:

If I knew how to work the settings on the camera better this would’ve been a perfect picture. Alas, I do not. There was a rainbow-circle around the moon when I went out to look at it the first time, a long with a smaller red ring inside the rainbow but still not touching the moon. I can’t remember what that means exactly. It is something important though.