I couldn’t remember if I’d posted him before. I think I have though. This exact picture even. Rodrigo Santoro is still cute though.

Joseph Lawrence. For some annoying reason, I could not find any half decent picturesof him or his brothers. I think they’re all cute though. He’s definately the cutest though.

Mitch Hewer. Apparently he’s from the show Skins. I’d never heard of him before two days ago. He definately has some nice skin though.

Lee Pace. That mutha fu*#%r could bake me pies alllll day. He’s amazing in Pushing Daisies. Which needs to have a third season because it’s hysterical.

Alessandro Nivola. Ok, so he’s not someone to take your breath away. But he’s not HORRIBLE looking. He’s really kind of cute; much better when he’s moving, I think.

Gregg Sulkin. He’s only 19 or something like that, but I do think he’s rather cute. He’ll mature nicely at any rate. Besides, he’s british. Accents never hurt anything.

But, incase you were craving something a bit more… aged- Chris Evans.

And I can enter him because he’s not technically in any of my Eye Candy stuff!

I can aslo enter, Jack (Eddie Redmayne) from Pillars of the Earth.

He’s also best when moving.