I spent most if not all of today sitting on my butt, watching movies, and knitting. I’m making a pair of black gloves at the moment, but all I had for black yarn was several scanes of some thinner black yarn. So I’m using four strands of smaller yarn to make one large strand, which is annoying and difficult and takes me a lot longer than it should because it’s really not that difficult. That was a really long run on sentence. Anyway, after at least 6 hours of knitting, I’m only just getting halfway through with the thumb. Which I’m not looking forward to tying together (there’s large holes where the yarn doesn’t knit together at the edges of the thumbs, so I have to loop extra yarn through it to make it look solid). I can barely see what I’m knitting, and that’s at least attached to something. I’ll have to use four loose strands of yarn to tie the holes shut. Ugh. And then tying off the beginning is going to be a hassle too. And this is still the first glove.

Having a break from knitting will do my hands some good hopefully though. I’ve been knitting virtually nonstop all weekend. Also, I have the song from the end of Slum Dog Millionaire stuck in my head. Jai hoe is what it’s called I think.

Anyway, apparently I’m supposed to be having an eye candy competition with Amber. I think it’s going to have to wait a day or two though, because the guys I’ve thought of have no pictures up at the moment. Which is annoying and bizarre. There were really random pictures of crazy redheads or obese women when there should’ve been shirtless musclemen. Not acceptable. I’m going to wait a day or two and see if google updates itself.

Also, I’m tired and want to sleep.