Today was very relaxed. I woke up at 9, but didn’t get out of bed until 10:30. I just lay there, thinking about the world. As I’m prone to do. I got up and went downstairs and immediately continued knitting the pair of gloves I started for J last night. I spent all day knitting them, and didn’t finish until almost exactly 8 o’clock. What do you think? I really like them.

Yes, I know this is a horrible photo, but I didn’t have time to take a good one. My mom was rushing me out of the house to get it over to J’s (who paid me $20 for these) and I had to take a picture when she wasn’t looking. Because really, what 16 year old guy takes pictures of the fingerless gloves he knitted? It’s much more normal to try and sneak taking a picutre of something he made while his mother is looking elsewhere. Yes, I really am this insane in real life. But no one seems to notice because I am so nija like.

Sam seemed much healthier and more playful today. He didn’t limp so much and actually played tug-of-war with the two littler beasts as well as with me. He brought the floppy dead octopus-monkey over to me wagging his tail expectantly, so I had to put my knitting down. I could resist a stuffingless octopus-monkey! We watched movies/ tv shows all day on Netflix but I couldn’t tell you what all we watched exactly.

The wind started picking up sometime after 4 but we didn’t really notice how bad it had gotten until after 6. Finally my mom had to go outside, and then came back in to come and get my sister and I. I’ve never seen the clouds move so fast. They streamed over the house, through the sky and across the moon. The moon was also very bright tonight, despite the clouds hurtling in front of it’s glow. All I could describe it as, as I told Amber, were the winds of change. They seemed to move with such purpose and speed and grace that there had to be something different being towed with them. It was even slightly warm out tonight, which was odd. Eventually we went back inside. After a while I let the dogs out, and after the door was open a glint of gold jumped through the air like a spark in the sky. It was sudden and odd.

The wind knocked out our internet, so even though I’m writing this tonight, it won’t be published until the morning. Of course, I will be posting it under today’s date because I’m writing it today and posting it tomorrow.

My mom and I watched part of a documentary about the legends surrounding 2012 and some of the scientific facts that surround it as well. That is of course, until the internet stopped working and Netflix was unable to stream the video. But what I did get to see made me really want to get into energy work. I really only know the most basic of the basics and being able to connect to world in a more in-depth way would be so much more enlightening. And learning how to meditate properly would be really helpful as well. I’m going to have to look into listening to some meditations I think. I’ve been meaning to for weeks but haven’t gotten around to it.

Also, I’m thankful I don’t have school tomorrow. Oh! But I have a five minute presentation to do on Tuesday that I completely forgot about! I need to research clover a bit more in depth and actually get my information presentable, instead of a bunch of random babblings swirling around in my head. Not looking forward to that.

Note: The internet came back on, so this is being posted today! However, yesterdays post, the one about my dogs, wasn’t posted until today because apparently it didn’t post. It was all written up and done last night though. Oh how confusing this all is.