I basically failed every test I took today. Botany was a disaster for sure. Math- well do I need to even say anything at this point? I stayed after to finish the History essay, but I think I didn’t answer the prompt. Or answered it wrong anyway. I took most of the quiz, but didn’t finish. We’re getting time in class on Tuesday though, so that’s good. I found out that Ms. M’s birthday is a week after she leaves! When she told us (there were three of us, from different periods, who stayed after to finish stuff) I was like, Ok we are definitely throwing you a party now! Mr. P was getting irritated with us for talking but it was like, ok, we’re talking with a teacher, you can’t get mad at us for that. He annoys me greatly. So, me being me, when one of the other kids asked if we could have a free day to have the party, and Mr. P said no, I said “It’s ok Mr. P, we’ll invite you too!”. He didn’t find that very funny, the other two kids were laughing pretty hard. Even Ms M laughed a little, but she at least tried to be polite and stifle it. I laughed the least of the three of us. Rule number one about being rude to teachers; be serious about everything you say. If you laugh at something you’ve said, you seem way more insubordinate. By not laughing it looked more like teasing, even though it really wasn’t. If Mr. P doesn’t let us have a free day, which he won’t, I’m probably not going to invite him to the actual thing. He’s a party pooper.

At the beginning of the year he told us about how he used to slack in school and was more interested in chasing girls than focusing and really was just one of us. But, he’s not. He’s this stuck up old guy who has a stick in a place it shouldn’t be and an attitude that makes me want to shout at him. Everything he says sounds like he’s talking down to you. And speaking of talking down, I have a story for you.

I went downstairs after I was finished with my stuff to get my sister out of a study lab for math. We walk out of her math lab and who should we see? My cousin. I was like, you should give us a ride home. He said sure so we followed him to the… I don’t know what it’s official name would be. It’s just a big open area that has the ASB store, and a student store that sells food and a TV in it. It’s where the dances are held. Anyway, we follow him there when he says he’s just got a few things to do so we could wait there for him. My aunt (his mom) comes out of no where and recruits us to help move something for the basketball game that was happening later tonight. I looked at my sister and said, We should’ve left when we had the chance. It’s been at least a year since I set foot in the gym. I can’t even explain to you how much I dislike the gym. I feel like a vampire would feel if you put them in a church. It’s that bad. What’s even worse? When you’re expected to lift and carry a heavy awkward object across the court while people you hate watch. The guy who threatened me freshman year was there. I wanted nothing more than to disappear.

My aunt made us carry this weird platform thing up to the top of the bleachers so that a couch she’d reupholstered could sit on top of it. My math teacher is a coach or something, he helps with the football and basketball team (he probably just does a bunch of ridiculous equations to tell the players how fast and far and whatever else their throw or kick or whatever will travel). Anyway, he saw that I was helping carry and said, Finally Willow, I found something you can do. Up until that point I really hadn’t had any problems with him. He’s a nice enough guy, he’s just too smart to be a high school teacher. But him saying that pretty much put him on my list of annoying teachers. I know I suck at math, but just because I can’t jump from a basic 10th grade understanding up to the college level version of 11th grade math you’re teaching at 100 miles a minute doesn’t mean that I’m some brute who can only carry furniture. It was pretty much the worst thing he could’ve said too because then I had to continue around like I was fine while I was stuck in the gym. I plan to avoid the gym for another year. It’s perhaps my least favorite room (or series of rooms since we actually have like three gyms) in the whole school.

My cousin still had a lot to do so he told us we could either wait and help out or walk home. We chose walking. J called though and offered us a ride, so we picked up on that offer and got a ride home. Once home I ate a little frozen pizza (after cooking it of course) and then took a nap. Then I knit and watched documentaries. I finished one of the pink gloves I’m making, and started the other. And now I’m going to be finished so I can get some sleep.