Today was wayyy too long. First period went by really slow, second was alright but I didn’t finish the essay. Botany was actually pretty quick considering all we were doing was looking through micro scopes to look at cells. We looked at red pepper cells, purple onion, and a house plant. I cut the red pepper sample in our group and made the slide, but the girl who sits next to me (her name is A, but not A from lunch) found the cells under the microscope. We looked through it and saw a bunch of cells filled with the red versions of chloroplasts (there is a different word but the computer isn’t recognizing it and I can’t remember how to spell it). We didn’t really think anything of it because that’s what we were supposed to be seeing. My whole group got up at one point to make some slides or observations of the plants that she was showing us, so no one was really near our station. We heard the teacher say from somewhere behind us that there was a really good slide showing all the red chloroplasts of the red pepper and that everyone should make their way around to look at it. We didn’t really think anything of it and sat down.

Within a minute someone came over and asked if we were the group, A and I just kind of looked at each other like uh, no. I was like, I don’t think we are haha. The girl looked in the microscope and was like, Oh yeah, it’s definitely you guys and then called her group mate over because “theirs is so much better than ours”. A and I were all excited about it lol. I was like oh, congratulations, that’s your microscope (me and my terrible memory, I forgot that it was my slide). She was like Thanks but that’s your sample. I was twice as excited lol. I was like oh yay, awesome points to me, but you helped a lot too, it was a group effort. We were laughing probably more than we should’ve been. Oober nerd moment. She said yay for teamwork and we gave each other a high five. All that was needed was me snorting (since she wears glasses) and the both of us in white lab coats and the scene would’ve been perfect.

And we’re the loud obnoxious table too because that class is SOOOO quiet. My teacher commented on it and I was like, I know, it’s actually kind of annoying how quiet it is in here.

After that things slowed way down. Pottery seemed to drag on foreeeeever. After an hour and a half I was pretty much out of my mind. I couldn’t carry on a conversation for very long because I was forgetting everything we were talking about, and at one point I had to stop and ask what I had said before so I could understand someone’s question. I thought I was ahead of everyone else, and I would’ve been, but someone stole my first two projects so I had to redo them, which puts me behind about a week. I forgot the drawings of the projects I was supposed to discuss with my teacher today and had to draw them out hurriedly before class. I’m going to make a Pitcher plant Pitcher on the potters wheel. I made a comment to my table mates that all I had left to do for the day was trip, which thankfully never happened, but about 20 minutes later I knocked someone’s backpack off their chair. I can’t even tell you how many times I said “I need to just be done for today”, or “I should be home”. I was a complete mess.

My mom came and picked me up and then we went off to fetch my sister. My sister didn’t want me to know, but there was no way I wasn’t going to figure it out. We got to the main campus of the location and I immediately knew it was a doctor’s office. The second my mom opened the door to the waiting room I realized what kind of doctor it was. My sister has decided to see a psychiatrist, every Thursday. Which is all good and fine for her, but means that my day will be insanely long on Thursdays. I was craving a chocolate shake and realized that a Costco hotdog sounded amazing, so after the meeting we headed towards Costco. My dad texted me asking where I was because he’d called the house and no one had answered, I told him we’d picked up my sister and were going to Costco for dinner. And I asked what he called about. He said he would rather tell us over the phone than through a text.

I told the rest of the car about this which immediately worried my sister because she had gotten a call from him too, so she called him. We were worried that someone might’ve died, but I felt like that couldn’t’ve been it because he would’ve been a bit more urgent in his texts. My sister called and apparently he sounded like he was dying or crying or something. He said he was in the hospital, but at the sound of concern in my sisters voice started laughing. He wouldn’t tell us what the news was because “he didn’t want to spoil our dinner” which was of course more worrisome. But at the same time he was laughing, so I knew something was wrong. I was like, he’s getting married. My sister wouldn’t ask him so I made her give me the phone and was like, “Are you getting married?” He laughed and said “Would you be my best man?” I was like “Oh jesus, I aint got time for this. I don’t look good in a tux.” He just kept laughing. I was like, “well when is it because I got plans this summer and can’t be running around all willy-nilly.” He said no he wasn’t getting married, but that he wished he was.

My sister was getting pissed at this point and demanded the phone back. After a few choice swear words and several minutes too long (and since J had called while I was on the phone with my dad I’d called her back and already told her that my dad was getting married and the whole big story) we find out that my dad is having hip surgery again because the doctor did it wrong the first time. I was just like oh noooo. I aint got time for this fool. Then J asked where we were because my sister was supposed to meet her for her weight watchers meeting. So we had to rush and get a hotdog and a smoothie (my sister got a salad) and then rush back home for the meeting. And then I sat down to do my homework quickly to get more sleep and decided that blogging would be better sooner rather than later because it soaks up so much time (I’ve spent almost an hour and a half writing this and replying to comments). And now I’m finished with this post and will begin to study for the three tests (and the completion of the essay I wasn’t able to finish today) I have tomorrow. One in math, one in History (which I’ll take after school because I won’t be there because of the late start) and one in Botany. I’m going to fail the math for sure, most likely the Botany, and will probably manage at least a high C on the History. Dear lord help me.

Did I mention I got another order of gloves in today, which means I’ve got to knit three pairs of gloves (one for my classmate, one for J, and one for my mom’s work person) as well as a scarf. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Besides trying to beg my dad for the money I have in my savings to pay for the rest of the trip. I’m not going to be able to raise the rest of the money in time. It’s just not possible