The snow from last night lasted over into the morning, but not long enough to get me out of school entirely. The phone rang at 5:30 am and when I picked it up it was a recording. It was my principal calling to say that school would be 90 minutes late. Which immediately meant, I wasn’t going lol. Waking up early without having a ride to school to only go for 20 minutes in the middle of the week would be completely pointless. So I got to sleep in until 8:30. Woot. My sister didn’t have a ride either and wasn’t feeling too good so she got to stay home from school. I had to go to college though, which wasn’t all bad actually.

I walked down the street to where the bus usually lets me off when I’m coming home and made it to school half an hour later than I usually would. No big deal. I walk into the caf, can’t find E- oh, turns out E is actually A. I’ve been saying her name wrong to her this whole time and when she finally gave me her cell number and I asked how to spell her name, she spelled A not E. I couldn’t help but laugh. I feel like you would notice if someone was calling you the wrong thing. Anyway, I couldn’t find A, so I sat by myself and waited. 5 minutes later I see her walking with this (really cute) guy so I get up and go say hello. She says goodbye to the guy and we go sit down. I asked her who he was and you’ll never believe what his name is. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard. I’ll tell you in a minute though because it fits in better towards the end of the story (and I forgot it because I wasn’t really listening to his name and had to ask her again at the end of the day). Anyway, she told me he invited her to sit with him and his group and I was like, why aren’t you?! I would’ve lol.

We eventually migrated over to the topic of when I knew I was gay, because A is kind of obsessed with the idea, and she told me she had a dream about it. An explicit dream. I was like, this girl is in love with me. Oh nooo. And THEN there were the table next to us was mostly… wow, completely forgot what they’re called. The guys who spin on their heads and- breakdancers! Hahahaha, my memory is terrible. Anyway, one of the breakdancers did a headspinny thing and A saw his abs and was like “sexy abs, right behind you.” It made me laugh. I didn’t even need to turn around; they were breakdancers, of course they were fit. Then she asked me if I (extreme emphasis there) had abs like that (in a half flirty kind of way) and then poked my stomach. I couldn’t stop laughing at her. I was like, oh nooo, this girl is completely in love with me and doesn’t believe that I don’t swing her way. I told her we need to buy her a new gaydar because her’s is broken. Oh and incase you were really curious, I most certainly don’t have abs like that. I should, but I’m too lazy and love chocolate too much.

We migrated back over to the topic of the cute guy and she asked if I would do him. I think she’s desperate to find a guy that I find attractive so she can stop picturing me as a four year old with another boy. I think I might have to get her a playgirl subscription along with you Amber. You girls are so weird lol. Back to the story though. I wasn’t really in a good place to see him, but from what I could tell he looked pretty straight. She said he’d told her he was gay, but I didn’t believe her. Then we left for our classes, which happen to be pretty much right across the walkway from each other. We got to her class when who should come around the corner cutie. A talked to him about his classes (he’s taking psychology or something like that) and then introduced us. I think my ears have a tendancy to completely block out names because I honestly couldn’t’ve told you his name while she was introducing us. I waved, because I hate hand shakes, but he needed to have a hand shake and reached out anyway.

It was kind of weird. I was looking right at him (he has really pretty blue eyes), but as our hands met, I felt like I was looking at the palm of his hand and not him at all. I could see the meeting of our hands more than anything else and then there was like this weird spark thing that wasn’t really a spark at all. It was bizarre and I didn’t even register it really until after I was in class. Pretty much right after we finished shaking hands A was like, well, got to go, and completely ditched me. I had no idea what to do. The guy started to say goodbye and nice to meet you and walk away, but I had to go that same direction so I just walked with him. He said he’d only met A today and I said “yeah, A is a weirdo. She just goes up to random people and starts talking to them.” He was like, “oh, actually I started talking to her first”. Which made me laugh. At this point we were walking our separate ways so I said “oh, well then you’re the weirdo then” with a slight laugh, and he grinned over his shoulder and said “yeah, I am”. That’s my romance story for you.

 I grabbed my phone immediately and texted A “he’s gay”. I didn’t tell her how I knew (though she did ask) but something in his eyes was too feminine and the way he should my hand and the way he smiled… what else. Basically all I did in Botany was think about him. Which was really stupid and I kept having to try and refocus but to no avail. By the time I was on the bus home I was already planning the post I was going to write when we broke up. And then how I was going to tell you all about how I was insane because I was already planning the breakup of a relationship that will probably never happen. I had to laugh at myself on the ride home. I just hope A doesn’t get the wrong idea and try and set me up with him. She really wants to find out my type and hook me up with someone. You know what I should do? Write a post about my dream guy. It’ll be disgustingly mushy too, I can tell you right now. hahahaha, I might have to write it just to laugh at myself. Because I don’t do that enough already.

Let’s see, I saw 333 today, and a LOT of 4’s. Oh! And my mom asked me to put dinner in and I happened to put it in at 3:33 (which I guess is the 333 I mentioned before) and then I happened to check it at 4:44. Which is 1 hour and 11 minutes after 333. It’s a little ridiculous how often these numbers show up in my daily life.

Oh and before I forget! Here’s a picture of the gloves I knit for my mom.

What do you think? I gave them to her right as she was walking in the door and she was on the phone with someone who, after hearing about the gloves, placed an order for a scaf. Four inches wide and 50 inches long. With a flare at the end. Which I’ve never attempted before. I’ve got to finish the pink gloves for the girl in math, and then the gloves for J first though.

Did I forget to mention that on the bus ride home I asked A what the guys name was and when she told me I couldn’t stop laughin? His name is John.

Also, its 11:11.