The first set of numbers I saw when I left my house today? The route number 111 on a bus. That bus stops just down the street from my house, but I’ve never seen it before today. And this was before I even remembered that it was 1/11/11. First passed by slowly and in a haze of confusion. Someone said they buy some mittens if I made them for her, so I’m going to make some pink ones after I finish with the purple ones that have now become my mothers. She decided she loved them and since I didn’t get her anything for Christmas I figured actually knitting her something after years of promising to do it was the least I could do. I finished the one I started yesterday and whipped most of the second one out today. I’m just making the hole for the thumb, so it shouldn’t take very long to finish. Anyway, second period was pretty uninteresting, but Ms M taught today so things went by much faster than they would’ve. I had a really hard time focusing though, so I’m proud of the two pages of notes I managed.

College was boring and easy. I just hope I can remember all the words we’re learning. I need to come home tomorrow and do some hardcore studying. Oh but before Botany was lunch! Ok, so I walk into the caf and couldn’t find E so I sat down and started eating by myself and reading my textbook, because I haven’t been doing that for the past few nights. I’m sitting there by myself when E’s friend M walks up and E comes running out of no where to hug her. E see’s me and realizes who I am so (after a prolonged bit of talking about why she needed to get her stuff and bring it over [and what her “stuff” was, because she honestly didn’t seem to know]) E and M sat down with me. E randomly asked me if I would date a girl (I don’t think she’s had many conversations with any gays because she asked a lot of questions that just seemed a little… like she’d never been properly told what being gay was, lol) and I told her no. Then she asked me when I knew, and I told her when I was like two or three, and then how my neighbor and I… got to know each other.

This got her on the topic of me being naked. Oh, did I mention that when she saw me she gave me a hug and her hand brushed against my face? She said my face was really soft and started petting it. Yeah… Anyway, she seemed stuck on me being naked, and since I knew her boyfriend would get really jealous, I took her iphone and got on her facebook and posted “can’t stop thinking about willow naked”. M and I could not stop laughing. In less than a minute she had four comments, two from her boyfriend (one about how he wasn’t happy about it, and the other about how he felt she should be thinking of him, since they’ve never done more than touch their lips together) and two from others. She saw that I’d touched her phone and once she saw what I’d done she deleted it. It was such a good status though! She’s trying to set me up with someone, but I don’t really know what I think about that. I feel like being setup with someone won’t be a serious thing. Like, the person I would be set up with wouldn’t ever be right for me because no one I see daily actually knows me. Did I mention E thinks I’m cute? She said it several times to me. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with me; “I can’t help it that I’m popular”.

Me, my mom, my sister, and my sisters friend went out to Mexican food tonight, and my sister got a Shirley temple. Guess what I can dooo! I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue! Eeiiik! I was so excited. Tonight was the first time I’ve ever managed to do it. After I knotted it my mom said, “If you do that in a bar, you will always have a date”. Oh the things my mother tells me.

Other than all that the only excitement today was the snow. We have about two inches right now, but it’s supposed to all melt by tomorrow morning because the snow will turn to rain. I REALLY don’t want school tomorrow. And I can’t imagine we’ll have it when the college closed down the campus at 4:30 (ten minutes before my pottery class got out) because of the massive “blizzard” that was expected. Yeah, two inches in a few hours is a good amount, but if it’s all going to melt, it’s not that big a deal.

Anyway, I didn’t get a nap today so I’m exhausted. Good night!

O.M.G. It’s 11:11. I have seen both 11:11’s today. WTF.

Also, J (my neighbor) has decided she wants some gloves too. I’m thinking I’m going to sell them for $25 with the thumb, and $20 without. Meaning either with the thumb hole knitted up, or just a hole. I’m not sure yet exactly though.