Class was so boring today. History was the most irritaiting by far. I can’t stand my history teacher. I LOVE my student teacher, but the teacher who will be here all year and is actually getting paid to teach us sucks. I can’t listen to him. He’s soooo boring. And he’s got a really annoying attitude. So today we finished our game, which was pointless for my group because there were only two of us playing and we had to start with our original points. So we only had like 9 things total, compared to the 126 total things of some of the other groups. And it’s the second to last round, so following the rules isn’t that big of a concern. If more than one team member is up at a time then you loose a point. We only have 9 points, so who cares! So we both got up and went and made deals with whoever, and formed a huge merger with 4 states, giving the US all of the power. My teacher, Mr. P, is a big rules guy and had to come over and tell us we couldn’t both be out of our seats and that he’d have to take a point away. We just laughed at him and said, here do you want to pick? And laid out the 5 remaining things we had left (because we gave the other stuff to the US). We really missed that one colony for the final round; it played a huge role in where we stood on the score board.

At the end of the game we were supposed to count up our total points (it took us a really long time to sort everything out in our country) but before we started someone asked if because they had merged with Japan and Japan won, had they won too. Mr. P said yes, which made me feel like we were just going to add up everyone’s totals with our merged groups to see which of the two mergers had actually won. So when he gave us the official ok to start counting I just got up and gave the US my five tokens so they could just count that in and not bother with adding it all up at the end. Mr P. acted like I’d committed a crime and was a complete idiot. I tried to explain my reasoning for what I had done but he said “no, just count up your total, it’s not that hard” like I was too stupid to know how to count. Which of course made me irritated. Thankfully I kept my mouth shut because otherwise it would’ve gotten ugly. I think I have a problem with male teachers as a general rule, and then it really doesn’t help when they turn into jerks and start acting like they know everything when they don’t.

I looked at Ms M and even SHE looked confused, so I knew I wasn’t wrong in my thinking. Once everyone had counted their stuff up and it was officially announced that Japan won, I asked a little more specifically about what it was I was confused about to begin with. Mr P didn’t seem to realize that’s what I was relating to at all and answered me like that was the first time he’d heard anything of it. And then when I tried to elaborate he completely ignored me and started talking to someone else. Which he does ON PURPOSE to almost everyone. Way to be a good teacher; ignore someone when they’re confused about something and actually WANT to know the answer. He’s an ass and I can’t stand him. And that was before we started taking notes and he was walking around the room and stood in front of the screen. He was standing off to the side, but still in the way for a few people, so a girl (R, and not too politely) asked him to move. He said alright and continued around the class. But then he came back to stop in the exact same place. So R asked him to move again.

Now, she DID actually ask; she didn’t just say move. She said “excuse me” and “I can’t see, could you move?”, even though it wasn’t in the politest tone. He said, don’t worry, I’m walking around, and moved away. He then came back around to stand in the same spot. She got less polite every time he got in the way, but did ASK him to move again. He was slightly irritated at this point and said something like yeah, I’m going. He gets flustered easily and has trouble with words more often then not, so that was the un-stumbled interpretation. Why he went back around to stand in the same spot AGAIN escapes me. She asked him again, which pissed him off, but I can’t really remember what he said. I was too busy biting my tongue to actually try and remember anything. His face did turn red though. Oh and he will NOT talk while someone else is talking. He will pause in the middle of his sentence if someone says even a few whispered words that are barely audible. It’s ridiculous. People have shouted things across the room (very rarely) while Ms M talks and she doesn’t even bother to take a pause. It’s HIGH SCHOOL. Nobody actually cares! Well, I care, but I’m a nobody.

Botany was alright. Lunch before hand with E was fun. I think I mentioned her before but forgot to put her name (or rather, couldn’t remember it) but basically she was in my English 101 class last quarter and she coincidentally has an hour break at the same time I do before class so we hang out. She’s a model. And she thinks I’m cute. Which is understandable considering how not-cute her boyfriend is. And she thinks he’s gorgeous. Life lesson?: Hang out with people who have horrible taste in looks to always feel good about yourself.

Oh and I knit a purple-grey glove today! I’ll post a pic tomorrow. It’s too dark to actually get anything now.