The People to People meeting today was SUCH a waste of time. I was so irritated. It was supposed to be a group building meeting, where we all got together and made friends so we’d know who we were dealing with on the trip. Instead we listened to our delegation leader talk to us for three hours about protocol that is common sense. Don’t leave your bags unattended, always double check the hotel room before you leave so you know you have everything. Crap like that. The only relief came when we played “human bingo” (asked people if they did a certain thing on the list) and when we played a “group building game” which was basically a group of 6 of us trying to get all of our feet on one piece of paper. It was obvious that we had to sit down. Really boring. Then, 20 minutes before we got out, our leader gave us a break so that everyone could go to the bathroom and grab some snacks. Before I drove down, my mom and I rushed to the store and bought two things of donut holes and a vegi tray (best combination ever, right?) but since it was the last 20 minutes, I saw no reason in opening everything up and then having to worry about what we were going to do about it. So I put the chocolate donut holes out on my desk (which was right in front of the snack area) and my desk buddy and I ate them for the remainder of time, lol.

The most annoying thing about the trip is that the guys have to stay with the guys and the girls with the girls. Not only do I hate talking with guys, but I have no idea what to say to them. And we aren’t allowed to visit a girls room in the hotel! Like seriously, have people really tried to have sex while the door was wide open and four other people were in the room?! I know that’s why I go to foreign countries! To have sex with American people. It’s so annoying. So if we want to hang out we’ll have to go to the lobby. UGH. I’m going to have to sit quietly in a corner and write my whole damn trip away. Or I could make a huge scene and have a big musical number about how gay I am and then HAVE to spend the rest of the trip with the girls because the guys will be too intimidated. I think I’m going to have to talk with my leader though because I’m not any good at singing. (I think) there is one other gay going though. But he’s like 14. He sounded young. Unrelated: we’ll be swimming in the Mediterranean. I think I’ll just dip my feet in and call it good. I know how to swim, and I used to really like it, but (despite considering being a nudist) being half naked in front of people is really not something I’m looking forward to. I think I might opt out of that.

The drive down to the meeting place was easy. My leader couldn’t find a place to meet so all 30 plus people had to drive down to her school. I used my uncles GPS and had no problems. On the way home though I clicked “go home” which would take me to my aunt and uncles house just on the other side of town. It sent me in the opposite direction from where I came and took me waaaayyyyy over into a little town I’ve never been to before. I had absolutely no clue where I was. The town was gorgeous though. it had the most amazing view of the water and it was such a cute little town that you couldn’t help love it. There were a ton of houses for sale and I felt like getting out to look at them. The GPS took me all the way out to some ferry dock at the end of town, at which point I parked and typed in my address. The GPS rerouted itself and had me backtrack everywhere it had just told me to go. So even though the meeting was finished at 1, I didn’t get home until 2:30. I did see 11:11 twice today though. Just thought I should mention that.

Once I got home my mom and I laid on the couch and watched whatever movies we’re on TV for the rest of the night. I watched Twlight saga New Moon because it was on a free channel and I cannot believe how stupid it is. I had forgotten how TERRIBLE those movies are. The serious scenes made me laugh, and the music was hysterical because it was better than the acting. Every time I heard the dramatic music I started laughing. Bella looked confused and constipated the entire time, and was always out of breath. It was stupid and pointless. As was a lot of the things in the movie. And the movie it’s self as a whole.