Today went pretty vast. I completely failed the math test today. Not that it matters. I did the homework in 20 minutes this morning so I still get the curve. I’d be thinking about what my plan would be if I was able to stay for History and that I should write a letter to my team instructing them in what to do, and when I told my friend C (she’s in France in History) about them she told me I should. So I wrote a really cheesy letter out lol. I started with “From a fallen comrade” and then wrote about how it was England’s duty to remain powerful at all costs and that Japan had grown too powerful and should be taken down. So I instructed them VERY specifically to join forces with France and the US and take down Japan. I signed it at the bottom with “England forever, W”, lol. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my bus ride that I heard what happened. There was a massive battle between England and Japan and England lost. My group foolishly tried to take on Japan and the US with only Germany as their ally. They needed at LEAST three countries to take them on. UGH. England and Germany lost by 8 armies. And because they lost, they were reduced to nothing. When you loose a war you get to start with the stats you originally had at the start of the game. Basically they can’t recover. I say “they” because even though we’re playing on Monday, I’m not playing with them lol.

I told my friend M (ruler of the US) that “the conditions of my country are too poor so I’m going to migrate to the US where I can begin a new life”. Which is soooo in line with what we’ve been studying that if my teacher tries to tell me I can’t I will flip. I even asked M and she said she’d be fine with that because she doesn’t know what she’s doing and has no idea how to play the game. So basically, our class is the only one which had a war started by someone from “beyond the grave” who then came back to life to take control of a different country. My teacher HAS to let me do this just because it’s such an amazing plot. I can’t wait for Monday though because the battle was super intense and I’m excited to hear what people have to say (not to mention tell my group off). My group probably couldn’t keep their mouths shut and started shouting at Japan the second they got permission to attack them. Which they shouldn’t’ve done (if they did). But I’m pretty sure they did because they told everyone any plan I came up with until I told them to stop talking.

If I can’t join forces with the US then I’m not playing lol. There’s no point. I’ll be put in a country with no power at no fault of my own (if they had followed orders and gotten FRANCE AND THE US on their side they wouldn’t have lost, and shouldn’t’ve attacked until they were sure they could take Japan) and I’ll be put in a group which I know doesn’t know how to follow directions. I’d rather do book work or sit in the back and chat with Ms M.

I got to chat with S (from journalism) before Botany for half an hour, which was nice. Botany was uneventful. I had to try to stay focus and not come up with strategies for Monday lol. At the end of class a girl named L made an announcement about how she and her lab partner would like to start a study group. I think certain names resonate with me or something because I kind of knew I would end up talking with L eventually. Also, it’s BOB! Oh, speaking of which, we came up with a joke yesterday in math when we were supposed to be doing our group work. 808 (bob) goes to the 809 (bog) in the 810 (bayou) to have his doctor 811 (bil) check his 812 (biz). Yes, we really had that much time in math lol. Also, I saw 111, 222, 333, and 444 more times than I can count today. It was the most I’ve ever seen at one time.

People were… a little friendlier than usual today. While waiting at my first stop a girl walked up and asked me if I was waiting for the next bus, which I was, and then I told her the early route and the later route (the one we were waiting for), which kind of made us acquaintances. Then on the way home I was waiting for the bus and a man in an electric wheelchair rolls up and starts talking to me. His credit card had fallen onto his footrest, so I picked it up and gave it to him, and then he dropped his money, so I got that for him, and then he dropped his money again so the guy next to me got it for him. He was a little shaky and clumsy. The guy next to me, who goes to my school and who I’ve seen countless times on the bus, starts talking to me to ask if I go to school with him. It was like everyone needed to talk to me today. We talked about how annoying it is to miss the bus. Then the older gentleman started telling me about how he’d missed his bus and ended up in the wrong place and that he was on the way to see his doctor because he’d fallen yesterday. And that the police had to come in and search his house, because he’d threatened an officer with a knife, before they’d let the fire department in to pick him up. Which made me laugh. Really, you need to search the house of this frail older man who is lying helplessly on the floor because he was irritated and threatened you because you were taking too long.

And then once we were on the bus, a women I’d “helped” (she just said she wasn’t sure which stop to get off at and would be following me so I just told her what her options were as to which of the two stops she could take) before was on the bus, so we smiled from down the length of the bus. And then at the next stop after I got on another kid from my school got on. He usually rides the bus though. Oh and the bus driver was the one I usually get in the morning. Which was kind of odd. Did I mention all the repeating numbers? Eventually we made it to a few stops before my house and another kid from my school got on. I felt like I knew waaay too many people. Especially since I wasn’t talking to any of them and none of them talked to me. I did talk to the last guy a little bit, but not much.

This post is officially too long.

Tomorrow I’m going to the People To People meeting down by my dads, and I’m driving there alone! My mom was trying to give me instructions earlier tonight but when I told her she was “just saying words to me” and that I “didn’t know what they meant” she didn’t realize that I wasn’t understanding what I was saying. *shakes head* sometimes. Sometimes mother. Just, sometimes. She said I was speaking in code lol. I was like, how is “that doesn’t mean anything to me” a code?! Dear lordy. Anyway, the meeting is about three hours. Wish me luck! I just hope I end up finding people I can get along with. I’m not too worried about the girls, but I’ll have to be paired with a guy. Ugghhhhh. Not looking forward to that. Guys and I don’t get along. And I never know what to say to them. They might as well speak a different language.