Yesterday I came home completely exhausted. I had an exiting time in History, which involved making a triple alliance with Japan and France (and to a much lesser extent, the US) in which we divided everything equally in our three countries. More on how that turned out in today’s official post (since this is all about yesterday). After that I hurried to the bus, sat with E for lunch and laughed for an hour until my two hour Botany Lab. E has been having some heart trouble for the past couple days, and I think it’s because she’s allergic to coffee. But she doesn’t believe me. Botany was an easy lab. Basically we just looked through the microscope for two hours and compared different cells. We had 7 or 8 questions to answer while we worked which I turned in at the end of class. We have until next Thursday to do it too. After that was Pottery. I made one large pinch pot and then we got to start on the potters wheel. My teacher and I get along really well. I think I might actually be the class clown. I’m certainly the loudest and most flamboyant. And I’m pretty sure I’ve made everyone in class laugh at least once. I talked the WHOLE three hours to the girl who was stuck next to me on the wheel lol. I feel bad but I couldn’t shut up.

I was able to center my clay relatively quickly, but no matter what I did I couldn’t bring it up higher than maybe 6 inches. Which was really annoying, and also my problem last time. The result was that I broke the top off of every piece I threw. At the VERY end of class I finally managed to open the cone (the shape the clay should be in after you’ve centered and raised it). I managed to throw a decent sized thing but I could feel it breaking so I smooshed it and was done for the day. I managed to get clay all over me,  as well as spill the water in the little cache area onto the floor. I almost knocked projects off the walls and then when I was washing off the equipment I splashed water on myself. Water and I get along a little too well. No matter what I manage to get some on me.

After that my mom picked me up and we were home by 5. By 7 I was unable to continue and went to bed. I woke up at 9 long enough to eat dinner (pizza) and then fell back asleep until 6. It was actually kind of nice and I dreamed a lot. One dream involved me sleeping and then being woken up by pink crabs (the STD) crawling all over me, me jumping up, and then the Zerg from Starcraft came out of a little hole in my bed and destroyed them all, miraculously curing me of the disease. Then I woke up. lol. Only me.

Oh but also, before I went to bed, a few ambulances drove by the house. We didn’t really think anything of it, but then J called and asked why there were some outside F and S’s house. We all jumped up as soon as she said that and were outside and over to their house in under a minute. J was already over there talking to S (she had just pulled up in her car and just got out and went straight to their door) and apparently F had been having some chest pains. They didn’t take him to the hospital but it was still a little nerve racking. S was really calm about the whole thing but you could tell she was trying to keep it together and she kept saying she would rather they just took him to the hospital. We didn’t hear anything from them today and his truck wasn’t in the driveway. So idk what’s going on with that. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be fine though.