History was sooo much fun today! We got to play the strategy game, which I loooove. The rules are a little different from last year though. Basically, you have a leader, a secretary, a… person who goes and makes deals with everyone (I can’t remember what that’s called at the moment) and the treasurer (that’s me!). Depending on what country you get (my group is Great Britain/Europe) you will receive a basic number of points/money as well as industries and colonies (both provide one point/money per round) and armies/navies. There are a bunch of other countries, Japan, USA, Russia, Germany, and a few others I can’t remember. There are 4 people per group/country. Every round you send out your (what I’m going to call liaison but that’s not it) to make deals with other countries so they will ally you. Other countries will come and talk with your leader about joining forces with your group also. You can go to war with other countries, but the ratio for armies lost is 3:2 with the aggressor being the 3. So if a country with 9 armies attacks a country with 7 armies, the aggressors would loose. The country with more armies at the end of the battle wins. Your allies can either aid you or not, and if they are allied with both countries then they can choose which one they want to side with.

In our game today, I had to be the treasurer because a girl in my group of 3 (there weren’t enough kids in class so we have three groups of three) thought she could handle being the leader. The leader has the final say in every decision made. She wanted to go to war right away, which was stupid. So I had to basically take over and tell her what to do. Under my control, we gained three allies the first round and purchased an industry, a colony, and an army. We started out with 4 points, 3 armies, 3 industries and 3 colonies. One of our allies also gave us an industry. So next round we’ll make 9 points. Thankfully we bought an army because at the end of the round a group decided to go to war with one of our allies. It was our extra army that won the battle, as every group in the class got involved. For the record, when you try and take on the most powerful country in the room, you’re going to loose, lol.

I love playing games like these. I’m really good at strategy, I think anyway. It was kind of funny though because as my teacher (Ms M had to sit in the back and our original teacher Mr A had to teach because Ms M had never played the game before) came around and handed out countries, I got a weird feeling I would be getting one of the most powerful countries. I’m really excited for tomorrow. It would just be nice if Mr A would shut up and let us play. He gave us instructions for over half an hour. We had less than 20 minutes to play, and since no one knows how to make a freakin decision and handle their resources, we used up all that time. The war took up some time too because the people who attacked lost and didn’t understand why. It took five minutes of explaining before we all realized she wasn’t going to understand it and moved on.

Botany was simple today. I can tell that most if not all of the work is going to be outside of class. And I met with my “probation officer” today and found out that I need to do 16 hours of work a week to get my GPA up to a 3.0. And if I want to get out of probation then I need to retake Italian 121 and get at least a B. Like that’s ever going to happen.

I came home and went straight to sleep. I was exhausted. I slept until 4:45 when my sister came rushing upstairs to tell me our mom was here and that we had to leave for our hair appointment. I had no time to grab a picture of the hairstyle I wanted, so basically I went there looking like I’d just gotten out of bed (because I had) and had no clue how I was going to make it clear what I wanted. But I gave it a try and now I have about five pounds less hair than I did yesterday. My sister says my hair looks like a longer version of Erick’s from That 70’s Show. Which was not what I was going for. At all. I’m going to find a few pictures of Mika, Darren, and anyone else I can find and take them in to get my hair fixed. At the same time though, I don’t really care. My hair will grow back in three months anyway. I hadn’t gotten a haircut since September and it was as long as it had been during the summer last year.

Also, the basket is finally the size I want it to be!


I need to work on the pattern for the next one I make like this though. The handle is crooked because there’s not the right amount of ribs. I wanted to attach it right in the middle, but I needed another set of ribs if that was going to happen. So this is the result. I still really like it. I washed it three times with scalding hot water, washed it a fourth time (in my washingmachine this time) in not-as-hot hot water, and then threw it in the dryer. I think I’m still going to make her gloves to match this. I’m just going to have to make them larger and shrink them a ton though because this technique means there’s a lot of loose yarn on the inside. That’s the yellow stripes you can see on the inside of the bowl. Pretty, but not helpful on the inside of a glove.

And,  my aunt and uncle called randomly tonight and were at our house five minutes later, carrying a barbeque through the front door. My uncle assembled it in the dinning room, and here’s what it looks like.

Those black blurs at the bottom left are Sam and Kira.

Oh and the picture of the bowl was taken with my camera, while the barbeque was taken with my phone. Can you see the difference?