Today was long and difficult. It wasn’t horrible or anything, and it actually seemed to go by quickly, but as soon as my mom picked me up at college (she’s going to try and pick me up on Tues and Thurs because she can get off work a little early without any trouble) I was starving and wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep for hours on end. The lecture in Botany was basically everything I had taken notes on in the reading already. We did a little bingo type activity today though, where you walk around and ask everyone if they meet a criterion on the handout. Things like, Has a pet fish, walks to school, snowboards, etc. One of those things was ‘has a tropical plant’. I was virtually the only person in class who could say this. I was like wtf. This is a botany class, and nooooo one has a single plant?! A few people asked me what kind of plants I have, and since I have an extensive list, I tried to give the names of the things I had most. By the third person I only said orchids lol. The only other person in class who had plants was a woman in her 40’s. It was rather embarrassing.

Before class I ran into S, who I sat next to last year in journalism and who was in my Geometry, Spanish, and Biology class. She was sitting in the lunch room with a few other people from our high school so I sat down and talked with them. Eventually people had to get going and it was just me, S and her friend (V I think it was). Anyway, S and V were talking about some guy, I wasn’t really paying attention because I felt like I was intruding, when V said something about how S couldn’t talk to some guy because they’d had sex. It caught me a little off guard. As much as I talk about guys, I feel like people should wait to have sex. If you can’t even TALK about it after words, then you weren’t ready for it. It made me sad because I didn’t think S was really like that. It just never occurred to me that she would do that, and it made me (as bad as it sounds, and I do feel bad about it) think slightly less of her. Maybe I was just disappointed to find out she wasn’t the girl I thought she was. I don’t know.

After Botany I had ten minutes to find my art class. Which was actually really easy. Much to my disappointment, it’s all hand stuff. We don’t get to use the potters wheel at all; which was the whole reason I signed up for the class. We just made three pinch pots today. I was done half an hour early (all we had to do was make three dishes that were shaped differently and were different sizes, so its not like they required effort or anything) and just goofed around with the clay. There is a guy in the class who looks like he could be my cousin though. Which is weird because I don’t look like any of my cousins, lol. He was actually kind of cute too, but then I walked past him and got a wiff of BO and cologne. The least attractive combination of smells on the planet. Ironically enough, we’re supposed to be “clay partners” for the rest of the year. Oh how the world works.

After class I went and bought my supplies for the quarter, because apparently there’s a loooonng list of things online that we need, and FIVE pages of instructions and god knows what else for the year. Then I went back to put my stuff in my locker and since my teacher was there I told him I’d rather work on the potters wheel then do the hand stuff. So we’ll see how that works out with the projects and stuff. I think I can manage to get most everything done on the wheel. If not I’m screwed because I can’t make anything by hand.

What else happened today… um, I changed my “probation appointment” (I felt like such a criminal when the lady at the desk rephrased what I asked into that to make sure that’s what I was there for) to tomorrow after Botany. It’s supposed to be a half hour meeting but that’s probably because they take FOREVER to do one little thing. It took the lady at the high school student services desk at least 10 minutes to change my appointment. She told me to sit down because it took her so long. She wrote and rewrote and REWROTE an email four times (it was ONE sentence long) before sending it, made a call to someone, and did half a dozen other things on the computer. It was like ok seriously, you can’t just change this for me and let me be on my way? I sat there patiently and calmly though. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was still like, I could do this faster myself.

Did I mention no one had any plants in Botany today? That was pretty much the high point. Other than that I didn’t do anything. I got home at 5:30ish because my mom gave me a ride, and then I resisted taking a nap for two hours by watching a movie. And now I’m staying up late anyway because my mom wouldn’t just go to bed and let me write my post in peace! I tried to write it earlier but she came up here and started talking to me about how I need to write a paper for my scholarship for People to People. Even if I had the time, I didn’t have the energy. So I’ll be doing it tomorrow. If I can stay awake long enough.