Today seemed to go by really fast. First period went by in no time. We pretty much did little review things all period. We have these fancy calculators that let you solve a problem and then hit submit and then the teacher can look on the comp to see if you did it correctly. Of course this means that the work is shown on the projector. We were doing this problem, what it was I can’t remember, but I was one of the first people to submit the answer and I was SURE I was right. My teacher clicked over so everyone could see the results. I was the ONLY person in the room who’s answer was wrong. I put 20 and every other person put 10. It made me laugh. My teacher tried to ask if I knew what I did wrong but I was like, its just me whose not sure what to do, move along. My shoulder buddy pointed out whatever little mistake I did and I changed my answer. My teacher asked “so are you fixed?” I nodded, which made everyone loose interest in me, except for the people sitting closest to me because I hadn’t even finished nodding when I said, “well I’m not neutered but I fixed the problem yeah.” I was being serious but everyone around me started laughing. It made the day go much faster.

Second period is alright. We can pretty much sit wherever we want, so my friend M moved over and sat next to me. I took a full page of notes like always so its not like we can get in trouble. That period went a little slower, but it was still fun. Unfortunately though I forgot that the basket I made still needs to dry, so I couldn’t take it today. And then I forgot to run over and grab it when I got home so I’m going to have to remember to do that tomorrow.

College was… alright. I ran into Ace and we managed to talk for the hour I had before class. Botany wasn’t too horrible. The girl who sits in front of me seems really cool and I think we’re going to be friends. I like her even if we aren’t lol. The “desks” (large tall black counters with a pedestal like box in the middle of the table with outlets in it) seat four, so it’s A in front of me/to my left and two boys sit diagonally across/ to the right of me. Neither of them is horrible to look at either. I’m definitely the youngest in the class though lol. The people at my table were all at least over 21. Now that I think about it, 21 is a loooong ways away. wow. Anyway, my teacher informed us that we actually have class everyday, not just Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To make it better, class on Tuesdays and Thursdays are an hour longer. Which means I will have 7 hours of school on those days. Plus whatever after hours stuff I have to do. I hope I can keep up with this. I’m failing my math class (I’m at 47%) so I need to redo all my class work for that. I’m going to try and work as much as possible to keep everything together and moving forward.

When I’ll find time to make money though is going to be tough. I’m thinking I’ll ask my dad for the money he’s been saving up for me since we left. I should have enough in there to take a nice chunk out of the People to People payments. And maybe it’ll guilt him into chipping in a bit more. Not that I’m not thankful for the $500 he’s given me, but considering everything else he hasn’t paid for in my life (he did absolutely nothing to contribute to my Japan trip) I’d say he owes me a bit more. And if he could just pay for my car that would be helpful too! I won’t be getting home until wayyyy late in the even on Pottery days. My mom is going to try and leave work early those days so she can give me a ride home. Which would give me an hour more time in my day.

As fun as pottery is, I’m a little worried what it’s going to be like tomorrow. I can barely throw a pot, and hand molding things is virtually impossible. Nothing every turns out the way I want it to when I do it by hand. The wheel is much easier I think.

Anyway, I’ve got to get my sleep. I tried to take a nap today but literally less than ten minutes after I’d laid down and just started to fall asleep my mom comes home. At 3:33. Not kidding about that either. I looked at the clock and was so annoyed. So I need my sleep now or I’m going to kill someone tomorrow!