Today was just sort of a get ready for tomorrow day. We went and had thai with my two oldest cousins, who are going back to their dads tomorrow. Then we pretty much just hung out at home. I tried to get my paperwork filled out and my school work done, but I really couldn’t focus to save my life. I spaced out as much as I worked, if not more. I didn’t even sign on facebook or anything either! It really was just me being “Luna”-ish. For those Harry Potter fans who know who Luna is.

At some point in the day I started thinking about running away to see Amber, which made things even more distracting because I began plotting my escape and how I would flee to the south and work as a young waitress at minimum wage until I had saved enough to buy two train tickets to New York. You see how my imagination gets away from me? Then I had to play, what I call, “our songs”. Amber has been sending me songs that either remind her of me or of our friendship or whatever. And they’re all stuck in my head. So I had to listen to them. Which added to the plot of my escape. I would listen to them on the drive south and it would be the music which brought us together magically at 3:33 on March third. I think we might have to wait until 11:11 11/11/11 though. What a moment THAT will be! I might actually have to go down to see her then, just because. I need a job first though. Who knew money was actually so IMPORTANT. You can’t DO anything without it. It’s very annoying. I think I’m just going to become Amish and then only trade with people. Money irritates me, as does most of the electrical things in the world. All I would need would be a computer to blog with. I’d be fine if my entire house was lit by lamps. *gasp* I now know what I need to collect! Old fashioned lamps for my future cottage/house. oooooh. Amber, I hope you don’t mind living by candle light!

I am not looking forward to school tomorrow. I’m on academic probation with the college and since I didn’t fill out my Success plan on time I’m not sure if I’m allowed to go to class. I’m certainly not allowed to buy my books. Which is ANNOYING. What do they care if I’m a good student or not? They’re getting money from the state because I’m going there. They should be happy. Side note: I’m now listen to This Afternoon by Nickleback. I feel like I’m planning my wedding or something lol. I mean, I spend more and more time picturing how Amber and I will be meeting and where it will happen, whether in an airport or at her house or at the house I stay at while I’m there. And I’m trying to decide which of these songs I’ll be listening to. Because I’ll have to be listening to one of them. I was going to send you a Christmas card Amber, but the idea slipped from my mind. Hm… I might have to do this…

Ok, well I’m going to go and catch up on the month’s worth of posts that I’ve neglected to read on Amber’s blog.

I wonder if I could’ve said Amber more. Tee hee.