I looked through some of the photos I’ve put up this year, and I really have a lot. I was surprised. And then I was sad. And then I really wanted it to be spring again. And look at that, spring is only a few months away. I miss the flowers and the sun and the birds and the warmth of the wind going through my hair while I watch the grass grow. You would not believe how truly amazing it is to watch grass grow. I do miss it to be honest. As boring as it got towards the end, it was still fun.

Anyway, today we went to my aunt’s house (the one I was trying to get to yesterday) and ate pretty much the whole day. We had to leave the dogs at home because my cousins husband is allergic. I felt kind of bad, but not really. The dogs have been running around the house for two weeks now. One day locked up won’t kill them. I really don’t know where the 7 hours went. We got there around 2ish and left just before 10 I think. We didn’t play any games, and I really didn’t talk to anyone. I actually didn’t talk at all now that I think about it. What the heck WAS I doing?! Ok, that’s really not good. I don’t think I socialized at all and I didn’t even realize it!

I did ask my aunt if she had my basket and she said that she thought I had asked her to felt it (which I didn’t, but I could easily see how she thought I had) so she took it home. I’m just glad that it’s safe and someone knows where it is. Otherwise I would be seriously agitated with myself. I looked all over the house, and even checked again before we left today.

We had our Christmas thing with the family today, which was fun. I got another little black journal/book thing, even though I still haven’t used the first one my great aunt got me a few years ago. I also got some cordial cherries, which would’ve been better if they had alcohol in them. But they didn’t. I can only eat two or three of those at a time without needing to vomit. And about $40. Oh and some brown flannel pajama bottoms from my aunt (the one who has my basket)! I meant to be wearing those tonight actually. I don’t know where they are though…

It was a nice evening though. The food was good and the little kids were good entertainment. The two older of the younger kids got nurf guns, and my older cousin brought hers, so they all decided to start shooting at the glass window which then morphed into shooting it at one of my oldest cousins, who put on ski goggles, in an attempt to get it to stick to his goggles. It a sight to see. Towards the end of the night I got to hold the baby (N) and she fell asleep in my lap. Not before pooping of course. I felt her do something, but I wasn’t sure if it was a poop or not (though I did mention it to someone) but since she had just had a diaper change I figured she’d be fine. After about 45 minutes with her on my lap her dad came and got her an I mentioned she might need a changing. She did. She was fine with me though. She just wanted to watch everyone else so I held out my thumbs and made her hold herself up to watch them. I don’t know how old she is. Less than 6 months for sure though. I think like maybe 4 at the most. I have no idea, lol. She’s a baby. I can’t tell how old they are ever.

On the way out the door to go home we got to choose a pot which was full of narcissus and daffoldills that my aunt had prepared. Since my house hadn’t really made a decision I just picked the pot I liked the best and walked out lol. It’s a greenish blueish cauldron looking thing with a tall handle. I really like it.

Anyway, that was pretty much my last day of break. Tomorrow will be all school work and filling out papers for college and scholarships for People to People.