I was supposed to be getting together with my family tonight but instead I went on an adventure with R. I asked my mom pretty much right after I woke up if I could go and then called R to ask her. I wanted to be home in time to get to the family thing at 4 but it didn’t work out that way. So here’s what happened.

First, R and I needed a starbucks. Then I decided we needed to go to Pier 1 because starbucks was selling recycled glass cups that made me want to look at the ones at Pier 1. I thought it was in South Hill mall but it’s actually in South Center. So we were going to the wrong place from the start. Somehow we ended up at Ikea, which is halfway to my aunts house and the wrong direction from where we wanted to go. So I was like, oh I can just get to my aunt’s from here, let’s just go there since it was 3:40 at that point anyway. So we start driving and some how we end up in Des Moines. Then we turn somewhere and we’re suddenly at Emerald Downs, which is ¾ of the way to my dads house (and a hoarse racing track). So I’m like, oh, I know where we are, let’s go this way. That took us to Green River which was sketchy. The view of the mountain was nice though. At this point I put out some sensor thingys (energy stuffs) and started guiding us that way. Once I did that we ended up back at Ikea which seriously irriated R but also made her laugh hysterically. And considering I had noooo idea where I was going, I think I did an alright job. With my new instructions we made it to the city my aunt lives in, and we passed building’s I’d been in before.

But, determined to get there on my own, I didn’t call anyone. So we drove everywhere on a left, right, straight direction basis. We ended up on a street I thought I knew, but I think we didn’t turn when we should’ve which messed us up. I literally had no idea where I was. We were driving down residential areas places I’d never been before. Completely lost in no mans land. Anyway, after a few turns we ended up just down the street from house that my family looked at when we were house shopping. So I knew exactly where we were and after like three turns had us magically back in downtown. I was like, WTF. After driving in a huge circle for an hour and a half, I managed to get myself back home. Unfortunately this meant I was stuck at home because my mom had already left for the family thing and I had no way to get there. It was fun though. I just knit my second glove and watched Troy lol.

Also, I’ve managed to loose the basket I made! I’m soooo irritated. How the freak do you loose something like that?! and then I lost one of my five knitting needles which I’ve had for at least four years now. ugh. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve looked everywhere for the basket though and cannot find it. I even looked under the piano and all the chairs (including the two couches) to make sure it wasn’t hidden somewhere weird because of a dog. I checked under my bed and looked through my laundry to see if I’d put it in there without thinking about it. I’m going to have to look for it tomorrow I think.

Happy new years everyone. It’s weird to think that a whole year has gone by again. I’ll be 17 in two months. I’ll be in France in 6. Sam’s now 12 or 13. He’s been having trouble walking around on the hardwoods and has been sleeping a lot more. He won’t put pressure on his back right leg sometimes either.

Ok, I’m about to fall asleep. All we did for new years was have a cheese quesadillas and go over to J’s for half an hour to have some champagne.

Gasp! I just realized that this is the last post of the year! Oh my gosh! What’s my last word going to be?! I’m too tired to think of something amazing. How about, The End. No, that won’t do. Maybe, End Side A(?) Please flip over tape for the rest of the story? whatever. Wait until tomorrow and see what you get.