Today was actually kind of interesting. My sister and her friends stayed up until 3:30 so they were too tired to come see the movie with us today. Which is crap because I was up until 3 blogging and I was fine in the morning. Anyway, we went and saw HP and my grandpa sat next to my mom. He fell asleep pretty much right away and was snoring loud enough that I could hear him two seats away over the noise of the movie. Thankfully he only snored on the loud parts. About halfway through the movie though he stopped breathing and moving. My mom noticed it first because he got quiet, and then I noticed because she wasn’t watching the movie. I was just sitting there like, ummmm, that could suck but at least he went quietly. He hadn’t moved or taken a breath for at least a minute so my mom finally nudged him to make sure. He woke up and asked if he’d been snoring and then promptly fell back asleep. All I could do was laugh. I mean seriously, if he’d died in the middle of the movie it would’ve been like wtf. It would’ve been a loooong day. He was completely fine though.

We went to lunch and a newish waitress spilled creamer all over his pants. She couldn’t stop apologizing and felt really bad about it. All I could think was, considering the fact he wasn’t breathing for a while earlier today, some spilled creamer is really not an issue. Plus, he’s in his late 70s. At that point, who cares. I’m going to be the craziest old person ever lol. I’m going to say whatever is on my mind to anyone, and whatever happens to me will either be a huge deal because I’m old or be no problem because I’ll be dying soon anyway. My sister and I have been joking about that for a while now. For example if our family comes to visit us at home and we’re ready for them to be going we’re just going to dismiss them lol. But we’ll especially do that to each other. We’re going to be super rude to each other when we’re old too lol. It’ll be hilarious. But I can wait.

The other OMG thing that happened today happened after I got home, took an hour and a half nap (I lay down exactly at 4:44 which I kind of knew was going to happen before I even knew what time it was) and had woken back up again. First though, here’s a picture of my first official fingerless glove. Please note the thumb!

The color is pretty bland and ugly, but I’m super excited about it. I made this one bigger than the one’s I made for my noni, but I don’t know if I’m going to felt them or not. I kind of like them better not felted.

Anyway, the OMG moment. The guy I mentioned last night asked me to Tollo. Yes, it was a joke, but I bet if I had said yes he would’ve taken me. I laughed and told him no. Then I had to immediately text H about it. Here’s our convo (with a little editing because we were also talking about my glove in the same messages).  Me: “T just asked me to tollo. I told him no.” H: “haha, but he’s your ‘best friend’! I don’t think he’d be tolerable for a whole dance” Me: “yeah I laughed at him and my sister looked at him like he’d grown a second head. I told him no.” H: “is your sister asking anyone?” Me: “She’s asking T. I just asked her and when she responded I started laughing hysterically.” H: “how is she asking him? Too bad his heart is set on you.” Me: “yeah, I hope he’s not too disappointed. I feel like he should’ve seen this coming.” H: “maybe the three of you can all go together!” Me: “True. It’s not like it’d be going anywhere after the dance. It’s still a little suspect though.” H: “your pictures would be great.” Me: “T in the middle and my sister and I on either side? That’s cute.” H: “the only way it could get better is if you looked the same as your 6th grade yearbook picture.” And that’s where conversation strays to haircuts. Lol.

Later in the evening my sister went to the bathroom and T asked me if I wanted to be pen pals with him. I laughed and told him no. Then we bantered a little bit about how I find him annoying and how he’s going to write me a letter and get my number and look me up on facebook. And then he (half jokingly) offered me a hug, a handshake, fist bump, and a multitude of other things as a goodnight thing when I finally was on my way upstairs for bed. I told my sister not to give him my number. The last thing I need is a stalker who actually knows where I live.

Ok, but isn’t that all crazy though?!?! Like wtf. And (even though I’m saying I’m posting this at 11:48) it’s 2:22 right now. Very interesting day…  Also, I just heard someone on my stairs, but when I got up to look, no one was there. Ok seriously people.