I slept in until 11 today which was AWSOME. Except that I needed a nap in the middle of my day (4 ish) and almost fell asleep. First though, we went shopping for my sister because there was a sale at layne Bryant (I know I should be able to spell that, but I can’t) and then went to starbucks and then pier 1. Pier 1 was a dangerous place. I LOVE antique (looking) glass, or glass in general, and they had a ton of jars made from 100% recycled glass. They were amazing. And they had cups and mugs that matched! I was seriously going to buy one. And then they had a perfumy bottle thing that smelled amazing. It was called Autum Fire or something. I LOVED it. I would’ve bought it if they had any left. And it was 50% off! It was only $2, but the only one they had left was the display one and that was half empty and the line at the register was a mile long. So I reluctantly let it go. After that we went to the camera store because my mom wanted to get me a camera for Christmas but couldn’t pick one out. so we went and looked at this wall of cameras and we (my sister) picked out the Nikon Coolpix P100. I really have no idea what to look for in a camera, but this one has very similar settings to my sisters Nikon D40. It’s just smaller and lighter and doesn’t have a removable lens. And the screen pops out so you can look at it from different angles! Ok, picture time!

A picture of my fire taken with my new camera.

A picture of my new camera taken with my phone.  I’m so excited about it! It’s got 26 times zoom. And a whole bunch of other neat features I don’t know about, lol.

*side note* Message to the rest of the world: don’t ever go through puberty. It’s the most annoying thing ever. I was playing Taboo with my sister, mother, neighbor (J) and my sisters friends S and T. T was the only other guy, and I’ve disliked him for a looong time. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned him in some of my earliest posts. Anyway. As embarrassing and annoying as this is to admit. I got really distracted by him whenever he smiled or got really excited by the game. It was the most irritating thing ever. I HATE hormones with a passion. Towards the end of the game I had to look at the table when it was his turn to describe the card (what’s worse is I was on his team and HAD to listen) to keep focused. If I knew how I would burn my stupid hormones. Urgrgrghhhh. And don’t bother trying to explain any of this to me; I’m well aware of the hormonal/emotional crap that’s happening at this stage in my life. And I don’t like it at all. Again: It’d be nice if I could just jump to the age of thirty and be done with all this growing up junk.

The only other thing of note would be that (if I didn’t mention this yesterday, I started a pair of fingerless gloves for myself and) I continued working on the fingerless gloves I’m making. Oh, and we got gifts for my cousin in Oregon and his brother in law for the name drawing Christmas thing we’re going with the family.

Tomorrow I’m going to see Harry Potter with my grandpa and several other people in my family (though who I don’t know) and the family from Oregon will be coming up.

Oh and if you mention anything from the large paragraph above to anyone I know, I will deny it and then personally kill you later that night. Love you all!