My sister and I have decided that we want to run a business together. It’s going to be a resteraunt/shop. My sister will be the chef, and I’ll grow the foods as well as the grapes and make the wine. I’ll also be selling some of my knitting. Which I’ll be making in my free time, lol. The only catch is, my sister and I can’t work together. I don’t remember how or why we came up with this plan, I think my sister was watching me knit and just randomly announced it to me, but it’s a fun one. Just wanted to document it. Incase it actually happens.

Today we just sat around the house (dads house still) while I knit. I made the most wonderful bowl/basket ever! I love it; it’s my favorite. Take a look.

It’s about 3 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Maybe I should’ve made it taller now that I look at it.

I really like it though. The handle was a pain the butt because I had to remember to pay attention to where each of the three strings of yarn I was using were. I messed up at least a dozen times and had to reknit several rows. I’m going to felt it tomorrow, since there wasn’t time tonight and I wanted to get a picture of it before it was (possibly) ruined in the wash.

We watched Easy A which was hilarious. I loved it. Have to buy it. My sister was obnoxious and practically climaxed every time “cookies” (Cam Gigandet) came on screen. Yes, he is ridiculously good looking. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to start half moaning half chanting “cookies” every freaking time he’s on the screen. My sister is annoying to watch movies with. If there’s a hot guy then she has to comment loudly about how much she’d like to jump his bones. I just want to watch the show. If you want to look at hot naked men, order yourself some porn and that vibrator that “blows your hair back” (those commercials are a bit of an inside joke with my family and J) and let the rest of the world enjoy their movie in peace.

My mom came and got us at 7:15, dropped us at home, and then went to the casino (which one I don’t know) with the rest of my family. The of-age one’s anyway. My sister and I stayed home and played the dancing game with J. Then we got tired and watched I Am Sam, which was a sad/cute movie. I started knitting some fingerless gloves for myself. Still debating the color choices. A multicolored strand of yarn that turns from dark blue to brown, and brown. The browns are practically the same, so when they’re together they make a big ugly brown spot. I might start over and try a black or gray as the second color. I dunno.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. I stopped in the middle of writing this and wrote myself instructions on how to make this basket again. Because I think I’ll forget.

Also. My email was being a poop (and I hadn’t checked it for almost a month) so when I signed in tonight I had a back up month old messages that I thought I had deleted but which had actually merged back in to my inbox. So I found these pictures of the dogs which I sent myself at the beginning of the month (the 8th and 9th).

I love it when Kira does this face! And here was Buttercup before she went to the groomer.

Tired scruffy little pup. She loves sleeping up here and has also taken to sitting directly infront of the fireplace. Up on the hearth.

My little munchkin baby. I’m going to eat her one day. So cute! Sitting there thinking she’s all tough keepin an eye on the riff-raff who walk our street. She rested her head on the window sill after I took this. Too tired to even hold her head up while she watched over the house. It’s a big job for a little dog.

*Throws up arms* I’m a freak, yay me! *clicks Publish then flees computer desk to his bed* *shouts ‘night!’ at computer*