We’ve now officially been in our house for a year. Which seems really weird now that I’m actually writing it down. I thought about it a few times today but it never occurred to me how much time had passed. I think we got Sammy sometime in December too… except that was 5 or 6 years ago of course. I didn’t give Sam as much attention as I should’ve today. Nor any of the dogs really. I spent the entire day knitting a pair of fingerless mitten type things for my grandma. I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to do the thumb for it, so I messed up on the first one(it took me about four hours of staring at the instructions and visualizing how exactly I was supposed to do it before I gave up on the first one), and realized I wasn’t going to be able to figure it so I made the second glove simple and created the thumb hole as a hole instead of a starting point for more knitting. I’ll take a picture tomorrow if I have time. I actually kind of like them (well, the second one anyway). The hardest part I think is starting it. They heat up your hands the second you put them on though, which is really nice. I think my nonny will like them. Even if she doesn’t wear them.

This morning I woke up to my sister walking up into my room talking loudly about Christmas. I flipped her off and told her I wanted to sleep. She kept talking and I repeated that I wanted to sleep and I didn’t care if it was Christmas and that she needed to leave me alone. Then my mom came in and jumped onto my bed and brought all the dogs up with her. I was not happy. I got a really nice looking watch (which we’ll be returning because it’s not water proof), a gift card to starbucks, the HP movies 5 and 6, and the promise of shopping for a camera next week. My sister got a new camera lens, which she promptly used to take some absolutely adorable pictures of Kira who slept belly-up on the couch for a good portion of today. She also got a new camera bag and Just Dance 2 for wii. It’s actually got a few good songs on there too.

We watched the 5th Harry Potter and then took a break for Just Dance 2. My sister eventually sat down and just watched the people on the screen dance, lol. We also watched the last half hour of Rumor has it, which I find to be a disgusting movie, then Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which was good, something else I think (but I can’t remember), and then half of an old movie with the girl from the Wizard of Oz in it. She’s got three or four sisters, but I don’t know much else about the plot.

My mom made quiche for breakfast and then we didn’t really eat again until dinner time. We had half a turkey and mashed potatoes with the best gravy my mom has ever made. It was perfect. I love thick gravy, but my family (meaning my aunts and mom) usually make it too thin. This gravy was thick and tasty. We ate all of it, which we don’t usually do. Other than that though all I consumed today was a few chocolates here and there.

It was nice to just be home for the day. Even though I felt like I had something to do that NEEDED to be done by tomorrow all day. It was really annoying, especially since I have no idea what it would be. Ok, well my fingers are cramping up from knitting all day. Merry Christmas and happy one year anniversary!