My stupid internet wasn’t working last night. To be honest I don’t really remember what we did yesterday. John left early in the morning… and the rest of the day is completely blank. My sister was home… I dunno. Nothing important clearly.

Today I got to sleep in which was nice. We (everyone in my family, meaning all the aunts and uncles, including uncle J who is hardly ever at any family event for more than a couple hours) went and saw a 2 o’clock showing of Tangled, which was actually a pretty cute movie. It was a really good spin off of the story of Rapunzel. Then again maybe it wasn’t really a spin off. I don’t actually know the who story of Rapunzel to be honest. Girl is locked away in a tower and prince rescues her. That’s about as far as I ever got. Anyway, the movie was cute, much better then Princes and the Frog. Afterwords we all went over to my aunt’s house to eat, for about five hours lol. All you do at my family gatherings is eat.

We played Mario Party and Mario Kart on the wii, which I brought along. Then we opened a few presents and that was that. I got a pelican box from my aunt whose yard I have been working in, and my other aunt, the one I went to the bin store with, got me a book filled with knitting patterns. I tried to start some gauntlet type things when I got home tonight, but they aren’t working out so well. It’s so confusing. They’re supposed to be easy too, lol. I’m the most unskilled person you will ever read about. I can’t do anything. I can’t fold laundry, bake cookies, change tires, knit anything other than a straight line, do math or anything else useful. I’m amazed I’ve managed to survive this long.

I’m tired from my long hard day of being useless though, so I think I’ll go to bed. OH wait!! I remembered what I did yesterday! The Harry Potter exhibit!

It was alright to be honest. I was expecting there to be a lot more stuff and it should’ve had a different layout. I felt like there were some important things missing and the exhibit was a lot smaller than I expected and weirdly spread out. I say a three out of five stars. Not too amazing. Of course we had to buy things from the gift shop, even though everything was wayyyy to expensive. They were selling time turners and miniature golden eggs from the Tri wizarding tournament for $100. Absolutely ridiculous.

Merry Christmas Eve!