This post was supposed to explain why I didn’t post last night, but as far as I can tell it makes no sense. Ah well. Enjoy.

We (my mother and I) were moving furniture around the house on Friday and after we moved everything around twice I said I wanted to be done for the evening and just relax. My mother exploded and actually started yelling at me, which she’s never done. I’m still soar from trying to lift that stupid couch. I have no traction on my fingers! All I do all day is knit and type! That’s not something that makes your fingers rough.

My mom seemed very proud of herself last night when we went out to a really amazing Italian restaurant in downtown. We spent $222 (I’m not kidding about that) there for dinner for 8 of us. Absolutely fantastic food. Anyway, my mom mentioned at least three times that she yelled at me which was actually more annoying than being yelled at, lol. I ended up telling her she was a little to full of herself. We had a great time at dinner though and my mom and I got to see M who we (or at least I) haven’t seen for a little under a year now. A couple of my mom’s friends from work (the one’s who connected me to B the bee guy) also showed up. We got together around 6:30 and the couple didn’t leave until after midnight (and they’re the only ones with kids).

I wasn’t in a bad mood at all but I got more and more vicious as the night went on. It’s hard to explain. I just made comments that were jokes but got more and more mean as the night went on.

After we got home (everyone came back to our house) I called J and invited her over. Her friend D (the one I’m competing with on Farmville, if I’ve mentioned that) was over so she brought him along. After about 15 minutes I was bored and since J had invited me over while I was out to dinner we went over to her place to play Mario Kart (we can’t play the Wii on our new TV because we don’t have a hi-def cable). D had to leave soon anyway to get back to his dogs, and he’s been wanting to meet me for a while, so going over there was a good thing. I said goodbye to everyone (probably not as nicely as I could have) and we went to J’s house.

I was the meanest at J’s, though I have completely no idea why, and had to apologize for my behavior this morning. All we did was played Mario Kart and a little bit of Wii Resort, though I didn’t get home until 2am. A few nights ago, I can’t remember how long exactly, we had J over for dinner and after dinner J started ordering my sister and I around, telling us to clean up the table and do the dishes while she and my mom relaxed in the living room (she laid back on the couch and put her feet up to look even more pompous). It was supposed to be a joke but she said she was disappointed in my sister at one point which immediately took things too far and made my sister very irritated. Anyway, the point of this is, at the Bitch and Switch (whenever that was) my mom did all of J’s dishes for her, even though my mom was a gust. But then J came over here and started ordering us around. After my mom pointed this out I was a little annoyed by it, even though I really didn’t have a right to be. So I pointed it out to her while I was over there last night, which was the rudest thing I said.

However, while it was the rudest, I don’t feel bad about saying that at all. It was a completely true thing to point out. J felt bad about her behavior immediately, but I told her I was only teasing (even though I was only half teasing) to make her feel better. I texted her this morning and told her I was just in a grumpy mood yesterday and that she shouldn’t take anything to heart. She said thanks with a smiley face.

And as for today.

My mom and I basically sat around the house all day. We went to star bucks for coffees and breakfast with J and M (M stayed here over night with her dog Sophie in my sisters room) this morning but didn’t do anything again until 7. I napped for about two hours and woke up just in time to go to my aunts to have crab for dinner with my cousin’s home from Iowa. That was fun. The highlight of my day was watching Auntie Mame on TCM. It was hilarious.

Tomorrow we’re all going to Seattle to walk around and look at Christmas stuffs.