My computers being stupid. I’m going to make this as short as possible so I can cover all the key points before my computer freezes again.

Bassically: I failed my math test. History was super fun and I spent the entire period laughing with Ms. M, C and M. Unfortunately I was unable to finish my essay because of this, so I stayed into third (which was extremely boring and quiet). It also didn’t help that anytime I started to start a sentence a song would pop into my head with lyrics that matched what I had been about to say. I’ve had Ray of Light by Madonna stuck in my head for the past three days too. I couldn’t get anything done, but the way my teacher grades means that I get full credit for everything I got done today and then 10% off if I turn the rest in on Monday two weeks from now. My mom came and got me in the middle of third and then left me the car so I could drive myself back during fifth to get my PSAT scores. Ms. M had said that her fifth period was her worst class so I stopped by to visit her after the PSAT thing was over. She appreciated that and told the class that I was one of her favorites. AWWWW.

I spent most of the day knitting, messed up and unraveled half of what I had (thankfully I didn’t have to completely redo it) and continued knitting somemore.

My cousins are over from Iowa.

My sister is in Oregon.

My mom and I moved a bunch of Johns stuff over and we now have a third couch and a fancy new plasma TV. We also got a couple new cabinets, a chair, and a throw rug. My mom and I got in a minor fight because I wanted to wait until tomorrow to lay down the rug and finish everything up while she wanted to do it all today since she’s been wanting to do this for weeks. And also I’m a bad child because I knit things for my grandparents and want to read. Menace to society I am.

Oh and Kira ate a good chunk of a chocolate bar John had in his pocket so she might die. We’ll see how it goes. If she does end up dying though I’ll have to bring her back from the dead and kill her.