I wanted to post before I forgot to. I’m working on my 6 page essay right now, and so far only have three pages. Except I’ve gotten writers block all of the sudden and cannot think of anything to say. UGH. I was going fine until I stopped for dinner and ended up watching The Proposal with my mom and sis.

Today was fine. Math was boring and made no sense. I drew a small dragon curled up in the corner of my page that had a smoke bubble coming out of its mouth with the words “math is for loser, lol” in it. Next to that I drew a large spiral thing like one of those large lollipops, with the words “insanity is the most” with each word getting its own line and then FUN shaded in the background. Tee hee. I also managed to take a full page of notes that probably make sense to someone who understands the thing we’re learning this week but which make no sense to me.

History was alright. It was still fun but we had a test that took most of the period. I tried to persuade my friend C (not C from last year, but I did have her in Spanish with me), who sat next to me last quarter in Math, to go out with this guy K. K is a freak who is hilarious and is always “serious”. He’s a spaz. C and K would be the CUTEST couple ever and would go perfect together. I spent half an hour texting her today trying to convince her to say yes to him because he’s been asking her for a week to go ice skating with him. I told her I would do a double date with her (I’d go with M who I’ve known for year and sits two seats away from me in history and who has really looong dark hair). She said she wanted to go but it would never happen because her parents wouldn’t approve. I was like, “just tell them you’re going to hang out with me! You won’t be lying and everyone’s parents love me.” lol. She’s not going for it. But M thinks it would be a ton of fun, as do I. *sigh*

That paragraph was much too long.

Ok, now I’m going to pretend to finish my essay because I’ve also got to learn a weeks worth of math before tomorrow because we have another test and I CANNOT fail this because I have a ZERO for a grade as it is. Kill me now. Or give me smart pills. Which ever is easier for you really.

Oh! PS: Buttercup got to go to the groomer today and is all pretty again! I do like her scruffy though. Also, my sister is leaving for Oregon tomorrow. OOHHHHH!! AND! There is a stray cat that has been wandering in and out of my school since yesterday and is one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen. I was seriously going to take it home with me. It was right at the front door when I got there this morning. And then when I was leaving my friend texted me to tell me it was in her spanish class and everyone was petting it! If my mom had let me I would’ve taken it home with me. Which I might end up doing tomorrow if it’s still there because my mom is probably going to leave me her car while she goes to a christmas party for work. Tee hee.