Nothing exciting or of note today. History was crazy but funny. Ms. M is hillaaaaaarious. Love her. She makes my day.

S came and got me on the walk home, so that was nice. I managed to not do anything with the three hours between school and going to my aunts. My aunt came and got me half an hour early so we could stop at Taco Time. We almost had another near-death experience but I forgot what it was. Lol.

I got at my aunts at 1:30 ish, my aunt went to the bathroom and then left, I ate, and then got to work (about 1:45 at this point). Time seemed to take great leaps and every time I looked at a clock an hour had gone by. Which is weird because I was only there for three hours. lol.

I leveled the dirt pile, finally. Moved fire wood, put a table in the shed, picked up fallen branches, spread some wood chips. The usual.

J came over for dinner tonight. Pretty exciting. I had a point to mentioning this, I promise. UGH. What the heck. I’ve completely lost my mind.

And now I’m going to go to bed because I’m tired and want to be well rested for tomorrow since I’ve got to write 6 pages for my history project and learn an entire (70 page) chapter  for math. I’m really looking forward to waking up tomorrow.

The good news is that my mom is taking tomorrow and Friday off so I get a ride home both days!

PS: I tried to put “tired” as a tag three times accidentally. I didn’t realize I’d done it until I went through the list and saw it multiple times. Oh lord. Help me.