I didn’t really do too much today. I rearranged the garage a little bit so that we had more floor space for the couch, tv cabinet, the nick-knack cabinet (I can’t remember what it’s really called) and whatever other thing we’re throwing down there while John stays with us. We’re going to sell most of our large furniture during the spring garage sale. I also gave Sam a bath (he wasn’t too happy, but the little one’s came in to see what he was doing and then ran around the house like a couple of loons) and did some laundry. Aside from that I knit.

My mom spent the whole day cooking for my grandpa’s wedding tomorrow. I’m going to be going up early (the wedding’s at 2 but we’re leaving here at 10) to help out with things.

My mom and sister went to see a play at the high school while I stayed home and watch Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. We watched most of it in class but I missed a day and they always edit things out for school stuff. I liked it. Unfortunately/irritatingly I managed to mess up on my knitting twice. I’m knitting a bowl for my Nonny and I always add too many stitches too quickly. This will be my third attempt at creating a bowl. I’m adding a stitch every three knits instead of every two, and I’m knitting two rows before I do a row that I add stiches on. If that doesn’t fix the problem then I don’t know what will. FYI: If you add too many stitches on too quickly you (or rather I always) end up with a large flat disc of yarn instead of a nice bowl with sturdy walls that support themselves.

I’m glad today was relaxing yet slightly productive. Although we’re having some serious money problems. To be honest I don’t know how my mom is managing. I feel really guilty not helping out but have absolutely no motivation to do so. And I know that’s a horrible excuse but it’s the truth. I don’t even have enough motivation to go and work at my aunts to raise money for Greece this summer. I’m useless.