This isn’t going to be so formal as all my other reviews, but it’s still technically a review.

I went and saw burlesque tonight. It. Was. Brilliant. Beautifully performed, wonderful script, wonderful plot, and the entire cast was absolutely gorgeous.

There was never a dull moment. Within five minutes of the movie starting there was a musical number that gave you a good indication of what the rest of the movie was to be like.

I loved the chemistry between all of the actors. Christina Aguilera was fantastic. I didn’t even know she could act! She was destined to play this part though. No one else could’ve done it better. And Cher! Unfortunately I was born after the whole Cher craze. But, I mean come on, it’s Cher. She was marvelous of course. She was wonderful. I just feel like I would’ve appreciated her more if I was of an earlier generation. They were PERFECT together though. AMAZING. They made the perfect pair. Each funny in their own right and both brought something to the table. Both sang amazingly. loooooved it.

And Cam Gigandet. *sigh*. He was beautiful. I also liked his acting lol. He did a really good job at his part. And great chemistry with Christina. And because I love you girls…

I would eat from his cookie box annnny day. (Once you see the movie you’ll understand. Tee hee.)

The musical numbers were all great and made you want to sing and dance and clap along with the movie. Some people did clap at the end of a few numbers actually. I had to remind myself not to lol.

The surprise in the movie (at least for me anyway) was seeing Dianna Agron (Quinn from Glee). I didn’t know she was in this until I saw it. And she did a really good job with her part too. It completely changed my view of her. She was actually an adult all of the sudden, instead of just a high school student. I’m glad she was in here, even if she had little to no screen time.

I can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s a MUST see. Get yourself to a movie theater ASAP and watch this. I plan to see it at least once more in theaters.