My teacher got his Asian lap dance today. THE most awkward/embarrassing thing I’ve ever witnessed. S wasn’t rubbing up against him or anything, but it was still waaaaaayyyyy over the top and COMPLETELY inappropriate. My teacher brought us donuts too lol. Only we (first period) got any. We had to finish them all before second period came in. I had two. After school my aunt/old neighbor came to get me to take me to my aunts. We stopped at starbucks on the way, and then Joanne’s for an hour, and then Costco for some quick shopping and lunch, and then finally made it to my other aunts house at 1:30 ish. School is out at 9:20 (9:19 officially), so we really were going all over the place before we got to my aunts. We only stayed at my aunts until 3:30 ish because my aunt was doing all the inside stuff, finished, and was going to fall asleep because she didn’t have anything to do and the house was perfect for napping. So we left. My aunt (the one whose house we were at) is a hoarder. I make take the occasional handful of wine corks, but my aunt has an entire back shed FULL of stuff. It’s a mess in there. I tried sorting it but couldn’t there was just too much.

Eventually I came home and then I don’t know what I did.


Continued “work” on history project. I spent the entire period talking to my friend and my student teacher. I love my student teacher. I still don’t know her first name though lol. How sad is that. She’s only teaching for another month or so though! I’m not happy about that. I think she should teach us for the rest of the year. She’s much more interesting than my actual history teacher. And funnier. And nicer. And easier. You can pretty much get away with anything as long as your work gets done in the end and you participate in class. Which is how I work best lol.

I considered staying after today to visit more, but I (for some odd reason) felt that if I went home I would actually work on it and get something done. The only thing I did today was rearrange a small corner of my room so that I could get my X-box out and play it. lol. Before that though I napped. I was up later than I should’ve been talking to J’s friend (D) on facebook. He wanted to know about beekeeping, so I told him lol. But my mom eventually made it home and then we went out to see Burlesque (see review below). Then we came home and now everyone’s asleep.

“And that’s what you missed on Glee!”