Not having college today was nice. My day seemed to double in length. It also made it REALLY boring though. Italian was my most fun class. Without it my day is ten times more boring. Math today was pretty much spoken in another language. I had no idea what was being said the entire time. We studied my teachers triangle theorem or whatever it was, and I had no idea what was going on. I asked questions (I’ve decided I’m going to try harder in that class) but I don’t think any of them were answered. Or at least none were answered in a way that I understood. My teacher did a lot of talking after I asked, I know that. lol.

History was just annoying. We started a new project but I couldn’t do annnny work because the kid who sits next to me kept distracting me with the most random things. And then he asked me questions about the 7th Harry Potter which totally screwed me over. To make matters worse my student teacher (whom I enjoy greatly and didn’t mind talking to at all) came over and distracted me more with stories of her grandfather who lives at the base of a mountain and who severed in the Viatnam war. Her grandparents sound hilarious, and really southern. She said her grandmother was disappointed in her because she wasn’t married with kids right now (she’s 23 or 24) because she (her grandmother) already had four kids when she was that age. I laughed with her whenever she came around. Having woken up early to waste two hours of my day, I then went downstairs after class to tell my councilor that I would be doing running start again next quarter. Then I walked home.

The walk home felt really weird. Everything felt lifeless and empty. I felt like I was walking through a moment frozen in time or something. I took an oddly long time to get home too. And there were a lot of birds randomly flying over my head. I dunno, it was just a strange walk. Once home I did some farming, ate, and then slept for two hours. It was wonderful. My sister was downstairs because she stayed home to catch up on homework. Eventually I got motivated enough to put our Christmas tree in it’s stand, just in time for it to rain. I made my sister help me and even though she didn’t want to do it we were in hysterics the whole time. The tree is now standing at an angle downstairs in front of the bay window. And I cut the base too short so it’s just barely in any water. I also did my laundry and the dishes today. Considering my normal level of activity, I’d say this was a pretty productive day.

My aunt is going to come and get me at the end of class tomorrow, take me home so I can let the dogs out and grab a snack, and then take me over to my aunts so we can do some yard/house work. I just hope it doesn’t continue raining like it is now.